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Real Estate Investors & the Trend of Mobile Payments

Real estate investors and property managers are all familiar with the frustration of tenants who never seem to pay their rent on time, which can throw your positive cash flow out-of-whack. Even when tenants pay the rent in full over the course of a month (making payments each week), the use of technology like mobile and online payments can add a sense of security for an owner.  Knowing that it is easy for your tenants to pay can reduce the stress of having to stay on top of those payments through the month.

With modern technology, it just doesn’t make sense for owners not to take advantage of the growing online and mobile payment avenue.

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Rental Properties, Pet Policies and You

There are a great many animal lovers in the world, but most rental properties aren’t known for their pet-friendly policies. Some tenants even view rental properties that allow pets with some distaste because of high pet deposits. 

What stance should real estate investors take when it comes to pet policies? Whether or not you intend to allow pets, you should have a pet policy, period. Even tenants who don’t have pets need to sign one and know what your rules are regarding animals on the property or in the building. The property manager can take care of any day-to-day questions or issues regarding the policy.

If you choose to allow pets in your rental properties, have firm boundaries in place. Any and all pets must be approved and photographed by the landlord. How do you know if a pet should be approved? Ask the right questions.

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Renting as Baby Boomers: What Investors Need to Know

For most people, saying “renter” will bring up a particular image. Twenty-somethings, singles, young families — people who, essentially, can’t afford to buy their own home yet. While they, along with college students, make up a significant portion of renters, they are far from the only ones.

In fact, there’s quite the number of Baby Boomers turning to renting in their sunset years. Enough the real estate investors would do well to investigate. Marketing with Baby Boomers in mind in the right places may just give your investments a boost.

Attracting tenants is an ever-present goal, but when you plan your strategy around attracting certain demographics (not, however, by discriminating or breaking any Fair Housing laws), it’s good to get inside their heads to learn what they value and want in a home.

So, let’s answer the big question:

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Houston Real Estate Strong Despite Low Oil Prices

As we all know, Houston has been making real estate headlines for quite some time now. Space City took a softer blow during the recession and, consequently, has been experiencing a thriving real estate market (comparatively speaking). Most analysts saw Houston as top dog in 2015 as the local economy continued to grow along with housing demands.

The Houston real estate market wasn’t without its problems and complications of course (which market doesn’t?), but all seemed smooth sailing…

Until oil prices took a dive earlier this year.

With the oil industry contributing to much of Houston’s economic well being, people began to fear what the plummet would mean for Houston’s economy and, as a result — its real estate market.

Would the energy crash bring down one of the best markets in the country?

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Real Estate Investment | One of Many Financial Strategies for Retirement

Using Real Estate Investment In Your Strategy

It's safe to say that most real estate investors are in the business to make money and many are actually planning for an event.  That requires planning and saving for that special something. In many cases, that something is retirement.

Investing in real estate is one of the best, proven ways to generate positive cash flow for retirement — whether saving up in tandem with a career or looking for passive income well into your Golden Years.

Either way, investors looking to fund their retirement would do well to not only devote time and attention to their investment plans — but retirement plans as well.

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3 Reasons You Need a Good Property Manager on Your Side

There are many, many reasons for real estate investors to rely on a good property manager. It’s no secret that property management is a difficult job. Any owner who has taken on landlord responsibilities themselves can vouch for that!

The reason investors ought to seek a property manager (or property management company) go beyond simple convenience. Having a top-notch manager can be the single biggest factor in the success of your investments.  On the flip side of that statement...having a poor property manager can be the end of your successful investment.

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Recent Trends for Memphis Real Estate And The City | Both Are Hot!

RealtyTrac recently featured Tennessee in their latest newsletter and even published an article from Memphis Invest.  The newsletter is full of fantastic information and is linked at the bottom of the article.  In the meantime, here is our article with some fantastic updates on Memphis real estate.

Positive things are happening in Memphis. In the wake of the recession and housing bubble, plenty of people found themselves in difficult, sometimes life-changing situations. Homeowners found themselves underwater and in foreclosure. Neighbors disappeared one-by-one. Real estate agents and builders left their professions while families watched the value of their long-term investment drop further and further. 

We did mention positive things, right? Well, 2015 is shaping up to be the year for the Memphis real estate market. In 2014 things started to pick up, bringing much-needed good news to the industry and setting the groundwork for the best year in quite some time.  Companies like the one my family started here in Memphis 11 years ago, Memphis Invest GP, have been purchasing, renovating and managing properties for investors from around the country and essentially propping up the housing market in mid-sized cities like Memphis.  Jobs and positive economic news would come back and we knew it was only a matter of time before housing would follow.

Now, Memphis is preparing for a big 2015 and more investors are taking note of the positive vibe flowing through the river city.

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What Good is ROI Anyway?

Just like positive cash flow, the notion of a good ROI has long been the gold standard for real estate investing. ROI can come in the long term through appreciation (which is what most people who take on big property renovations are banking on), but also through the short-term (such as just buying an investment property and achieving positive cash flow).

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Must-Read Real Estate Investing Articles of the Week!

There’s a lot of reading to be done. As we’ve done in the past, we’re bringing you a handful of recent, relevant articles for real estate investors and professionals to pursue this week in lieu of having to hunt down posts worth reading.

As always, we try to keep our selection diverse, covering a broad range of industry topics and recommending reading that investors will find useful and practical.

5 Must-Read Real Estate Articles for the Week...

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Planning Smart Property Renovations for Spring & Summer

One would think that with the relatively sluggish recovery of the real estate market in many parts of the country, with both homebuying and home building on the low side overall, home improvement would be similarly stunted.

And yet, that’s not the case — a study by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard, property renovations are booming with nearly $300 billion in sales. It could be the highest spending this year since 2007. That’s good news!

The study points to millennials as key to the home improvement market — as well as real estate investors: 

"While currently lagging previous generations in forming households and buying homes, the Millennials will eventually give a dramatic lift to home improvement spending. More immediately, the growing presence of Millennials in the rental market is encouraging property owners to invest in updates to their units.”

So if property owners should be investing in updates, what kind of updates are best for your budget and your value? Consider these investments:

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