6 Alternative Sources For Real Estate Investing Financing

Posted by Chris Clothier on Thu, Oct 8, 2015

How investors find and fund deals is always a huge question for companies like ours.  Of course, we are in the Turnkey real estate business, so much of the hard work as far as finding, renovating, marketing, renting and managing is already done.  The part that the investor has to work on is the financing piece if they want to lever their investments.  There are many investors out there today who prefer to own property for cash, while still others choose to place leverage and borrow while rates are low.

That is not always possible for every investor based on many different factors.  Credit, time as an investor, number of properties owned and even levels of debt with other obligations all play a role in determining who can get and easy they can get financing.

We have put together a few ideas of how investors can go about getting financing.  We have written a few brief comments about '6 Alternative Sources for Real Estate Financing' and invite all of our readers to leave comments on how they secure financing.  Any tips you can share with other readers are going to be very beneficial and we would love for you to share at the bottom of the article.

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6 Habits that Convey Professional Confidence

Posted by Chris Clothier on Sun, Oct 4, 2015

We could all use a confidence booster. When dealing with clientele, colleagues, or superiors, pretty much everyone struggles from time to time with their confidence. While we hope that our words and intentions will win out in the end, presentation is important in the professional world. If we expect others to have confidence in us — our business, our ideas, our input — we need to display confidence in ourselves.

Even if you have that confidence, there are subtle elements to professional confidence that don’t have to do with your thoughts and feeling about what you’re saying. No, many important keys to boosting your confidence and professional self-improvement are in learning good habits and unlearning the bad ones.

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5 Keys to Improving Your Professional Communication Skills

Posted by Chris Clothier on Wed, Sep 30, 2015

There’s power in a good communicator. Everyone knows one — that person that everyone else just seems to gravitate towards. You enjoy being around them. They make you feel heard and valued while saying just the right things to the right people.  Real estate investing is no different.  

There are great communicators that seem to be able to articulate the perfect message and explain how to do certian things perfectly.  They hold an audience at every real estate investors meeting and always have stories of how they handled the angry tenant or reluctant seller.

Good communicators are crafted, not born (though some inherent traits certainly help). When it comes to the business world, sharpening your professional communication skills can be key in opening up opportunities and polishing your reputation.

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The Real Estate Investor’s Guide to NOT Getting Sued

Posted by Chris Clothier on Fri, Sep 25, 2015

Raise your hand if you like being in court. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? In all seriousness, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who enjoys court unless they work in law. And even then, they might not. One of the most stressful, taxing positions to find yourself in is when you’re being sued.

For real estate investors, legal pitfalls are many and varied. While a lot of lawsuits come against landlords or managers first, it certainly doesn’t mean the owner will be unaffected or not sued themselves.

Avoiding lawsuits isn’t as easy as we’d like it to be. Real estate arguably has the highest liability risk, so doing things right is key to protecting yourself and your investment.

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Forget the House!! First Step When Investing in Turnkey Real Estate...

Posted by Chris Clothier on Wed, Sep 23, 2015

This is a topic that I write about quite often both here on our blog and on the BiggerPockets.com blog as well as the forums.  It is so important for passive investors, especially those that are buying Turnkey real estate, to understand how important the city and partner company are to your success.  

Too many horror stories about investing begin with buying what appear to be very good deals on paper only to find out the property and team cannot even come close to performing the way an investor expects.  It is the difference between paper profits and real-world profits.  When investors find what they perceive as great deals before having a good understanding of the market and a team in place, they can often find themselves having more headaches than the investment is worth.

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5 Great Kindle E-books for Real Estate Investors

Posted by Chris Clothier on Mon, Sep 21, 2015

Great E-books on Real Estate Investing

There are a lot of resources out there for real estate investors. We all have favorite books, blogs and podcasts. There’s so much out there, in fact, that is can be difficult to weed out the good from the bad: particularly when it comes to something like e-books.

One of the coolest gadgets to come out in the past few years is the Kindle and other e-readers. They provide on-the-go reading and books at a price that’s often considerably cheaper than that of print editions. On the downside, it’s fairly easy to get published Kindle e-readers. Their direct publishing system allows anyone to be published, increasing the author pool but decreasing, in many cases, the overall quality of options.

When you search “real estate investment” in the Kindle store, over 1,600 choices come up. That’s a lot! If you’re on the hunt for good Kindle books on investing in real estate, this list is a good place to start. Whether by public consensus of stellar reputation, these are just a few gems you can get right now:

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Awesomeness in Progress at Memphis Invest!

Posted by Chris Clothier on Wed, Sep 16, 2015

Awesome News Coming Out of Memphis...

We have a lot of fun here at Memphis Invest in the middle of working very hard to be the best at what we do.  The company has grown to 63 team members in three cities with multiple office buildings.  With so many team members across so many offices, we are always looking for ways to get better and get the team involved.

That is where this little book comes into the picture.  

This awesome little book (forgive the pun) is nothing but an ordinary little spiral notebook when you look at it from the outside.  It is the ideas inside that make it truly awesome!   We gave these notebooks to all 63 team members along with a few announcements and instructions at our last team meeting.  We informed our team that the the leaders of our companies had decided to take the next 16 months and really focus on being the best Turnkey real estate company in the country.

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The Best Plan for Successful Out-of-state Real Estate Investing

Posted by Chris Clothier on Mon, Sep 14, 2015

Many real estate investors like to keep a close eye on their investment properties. They believe local is best and they’ve got to be able to be there on the ground in order to truly be successful at real estate investing.  There is nothing wrong with that approach.  In fact, depending on the neighborhood and type of property you are interested in purchasing, it may be best to stick close to home and invest locally.  However, investing in your own backyard is definitely NOT the only way to invest in single-family rental properties.

There’s a great myth that the only markets worth investing in is the one you’re in. While yes, there are absolutely benefits to investing in real estate on a local level—after all, you know the demographics, the management companies, the other investors, and even that little je ne sais quoi that you can only get from being a local yourself.

People say remote markets are dangerous. You won’t succeed. You need to be an insider. It’s true that you should know the market you’re choosing to invest in, and as much as possible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find success through investing in real estate remotely. In fact, you can have a LOT of success! It just takes the right approach.

We will tell you outright that we believe the best way to invest in a remote market, whether it’s in the state over or across the country, is through turnkey real estate.

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An In-Depth, Side-by-Side Analysis on 3 Great Real Estate Investing Markets

Posted by Chris Clothier on Fri, Sep 11, 2015

When you ask someone about hot, happening real estate markets, there are a few places that come to mind right off the bat: New York City. San Diego. Los Angeles. East coast and west coast. Real estate investors imagine having their hands in such prestigious real estate markets with beach side properties and high-end apartment lofts in the middle of the country’s biggest, most bustling cities.

For the investors that get there and love it: great! But there are hidden gems among the many lauded real estate markets: they’re not just promising, they’re already booming. Opportunities for investors of all types abound, from turnkey investments and single-family homes to commercial real estate and high-demand apartments in the middle of a metropolitan downtown.

So instead of looking east and west, we’re setting our sights somewhere in the middle: Houston real estate, Dallas real estate and Memphis real estate. A close look at the market conditions, trends and contributing factors to the health of their local housing markets reveals these three to be not only great candidates for real estate investing, but models of post-recession recovery.

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Inc. Magazine Recognizes Four Clothier Family-Owned Real Estate Companies

Posted by Chris Clothier on Thu, Sep 10, 2015

On August 21, Inc. Magazine released their annual list of the 5000 Fastest Growing Companies In America....

And the Clothier family was honored to have Four Companies on this years' list.

Here are the 4 companies that were featured:

  • Premier Realty Group (#587) - Memphis
  • REI Marketing (#2604) - California
  • Memphis Invest (#2622) - Memphis
  • Premier Property Management Group (#2900) - Memphis, Dallas, Houston

The four companies are all featured on the Inc 500/5000 full list of companies.  For Memphis Invest, this was the fourth year in a row to be included on the list.  What an incredible achievement!

For those that may not recognize the second company listed, REI Marketing, that is the company founded and operated by Kent Clothier, Jr. out of Southern California.  REI Marketing developed and offers services including several educational programs and materials such as the vanity phone number brad 1-800-SELL-NOW,  FindCashBuyersNow.com and FindPrivateLendersNow.com.  Kent and his team have done an incredible job of serving the real estate investor community with quality products and services and they deserve this outstanding recognition!

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