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3 Great Real Estate Investing Podcasts You Should Check Out!

When it comes to real estate investing and big personalities, it can be hard to know who to listen to. After all, we are in a business that has it’s fair share of “gurus” and empty promises. Cutting through the noise to find genuine content on investing in real estate can be a big challenge.

Daily, I personally get emails from new real estate experts.  Apparently, they completed a transaction and wrote a book, formed a blog a website and a podcast and are now ready to share their wealth of knowledge with the world.  Do you sense a touch of sarcasm?  As investors, we have to be very careful with who we listen to and what advice we take as serious.  How do we start to determine who is and who is not a pretender?

One of the ways is to review the content and be on the look out for great content.  What is one way to find great real estate investing content? Podcasts. There are more real estate investment podcasts than you’d think — and some are real standouts! Whether you want something to listen to during the work day or to get your through a long drive, these shows are a great place to start.

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5 Real Estate Investing Articles To Read This Week

Whether it’s current news or advice for real estate investors, we’re bringing you a list of some of this week’s must-read articles from business and real estate investment blogs across the web. Sit down, grab a mug of your favorite beverage and brush up on your reading.

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4 Useful Pieces of Real Estate Software for Investors

There are many, many pieces of “RE Software” out there, hailing themselves as the the pinnacle of investment efficiency, promising that their program will accelerate their investments in ways you’ve never seen or imagined.

Truth be told, a lot of real estate software companies are pitching snake oil to real estate investors. You don’t need a bunch of fancy programs to get the job done well. Many investors just stick to Microsoft Excel and tax software. It works for them, and that’s fine.

At Memphis Invest, our growth as a leading real estate investing company forced us out of our comfort zone and into the world of real estate software.  This can be an expensive endeavor and one full of lots of advice and lots of trial and error.  

Still, not all real estate software is useless and overpriced. Some are genuinely helpful and everyone has a different approach to investing that may demand a little extra heft from a program. They can be convenient and more organized that you are on your own, or help in other ways.

If you’re looking for the right software, these programs are worth looking into.

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Real Estate Investing: The Ultimate Long Term Investment?

Investing in real estate has always been a different beast in comparison to other kinds of investments. After all, real estate is tangible. Real. You can own it, walk through it, see it. It’s not theoretical, it’s concrete.

That, among other reasons, is why so many people have chosen real estate as their source for passive income throughout the years. But is it still true? Through recessions, housing bubbles and market crashes, does real estate still hold up?

Well, it looks like it does.

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Great Real Estate Investing Articles That You Should Read!

Grab a cup of joe and settle in for some reading. Now, Memphis Invest is bringing you a weekly roundup of real estate articles on the worldwide web!

While there’s plenty of great stuff out there all time time, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Whether we’re looking at current news and trends of advice for real estate investors, these finance and real estate blogs have plenty to offer to keep you in the know.

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Real Estate Sales Looking Up Nationwide

Over the past few months, we’ve been talking about how things are looking up in Houston, Dallas and Memphis real estate: but what about the rest of the country? Markets like Houston and Dallas, of course, had the distinct advantage of not being as affected by the market crash (or recession) compared to other national real estate markets.

We of course recognize that these markets on the forefront of recovery are great and, we hope, a sign of good to come in the future. But really, how is the rest of the United State faring when it comes to real estate?

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5 Things You Should Learn About a Neighborhood When Investing

Where real estate investment is involved, the options are virtually endless. After all, there are markets all over the country (and the world) in which to strategically build up passive income. Some investors favor big, glamorous markets while others are content with single-family homes in less lauded areas.

We often hear these markets described purely in terms of their city. Houston. New York. Los Angeles. Boca Raton. But as we all know, cities and markets are not uniform. There are variations in neighborhoods and communities that we need to pay mind to when looking to purchase an investment property. A safe neighborhood, after all, is absolutely key to your success. If you tenants feel unsafe in the area, chances are you won’t be keeping them for long. Safety isn’t the only criteria in a good investment property, however.

Before you buy, there are  many factors to consider about your neighborhood of choice: namely, local amenities and attractions that can make you property prime real estate.

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The 5 Best Turnkey Real Estate Investing Tips I Have Ever Given

Looking back over the last few years, there is one thing we all can agree on when it comes to real estate investing...  This has been one helluva ride for the real estate market and investors alike!  

What we find really interesting though is that even with such a wild ride, there are still lists out there of things you need to avoid.  Especially as those lists relate to Turnkey real estate investing.  Oddly enough, there are still many investors who are choosing to not learn from history.  Or maybe they don't know what this history is that they need to avoid.  Although any list is going to be subjective and without a doubt, incomplete, this list at least gives a starting point for investors looking at turnkey investments.

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4 Tips to Keeping Pests Out of Your Rental Properties

While no season is guaranteed to be free of pests, we sure seem to notice them more in warmer months. All manners of creepy-crawlies show up to the horror of many.  When they show up at rental properties...they can cause financial horrors too.

Between bugs and warm-blooded pests (namely mice), unwanted intruders in a home can not only cause damage to your investment properties, but cause great discontent in the hearts and minds and their residents.

Handling pest control on your investment properties is important. Neglecting to do so is bad for your reputation and your properties — after all, no one wants to share their space with unwanted vermin.

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Best Steps for Getting Started with Real Estate Investing

Starting something new, particularly when there is money involved, can be as daunting as it is exciting. For new real estate investors especially, getting going can be overwhelming.

On top of trying to learn about real estate investing itself, there are countless new laws to learn, from insurance and taxes to properties and tenants. You may be afraid of making a mistake, losing money or outright “failure”...and that’s all natural.

Instead of fretting about what could go wrong as a green investor, focus on taking the steps that will set you up for real estate investment success.

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