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The Real Estate Market Must Match Workforce Improvement

It’s no secret that the real estate market and the job market are closely connected to one another. 

For instance, we know that the real estate market has been struggling due to a lack of first-time homebuyers — because the job market is making it difficult for them to have the resources necessary to purchase a home. Because of this reason, the housing market has remained more sluggish than it should in the midst of economic recovery.
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7 Ways to Maintain Great Winter Curb Appeal

Winter. It can be a magical wonderland that conjures up images of chestnuts roasting on an open fire and Jack Frost nipping at one’s nose, but more often than not, winter can get downright dreary. Whether it’s slushy, dirty snow, brown winter grass or bare tree branches, winter can hit your curb appeal hard.

I came up with a list to help turn the dreary winter look into a tidy and well-kept property.  These ideas can help properties rent quicker and at a higher rate.  Just because winter is dreary does not mean our real estate investing properties have to be!

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8 Reasons Houston Is Hot And So Is The Real Estate!

There Is More To Houston Than Real Estate Investing

There’s no denying that Houston, TX is a cool place. Between it’s booming local economy, legacy of space travel and melting pot population, Houston is doing pretty well for itself. For businesses, entrepreneurs, young graduates — and, you guessed it — real estate investors, Houston is the place to be!

Our TEAM at Memphis Invest began looking for a third market two years ago.  Dallas, TX. has been an incredible market for our company over the past few years and continues to perform very well for our clients.  For our next step and the growth of our company, we really wanted to stay in a state where we were already licensed, highly familiar with the market and there had to be compelling reasons to open the new office.

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Millenials Are Changing The Real Estate Investing Landscape

Millenials are creating new real estate landscapes

I found this infographic earlier this week at The Commision Place and kept reading and reading about this topic.  I wanted to share it with all of our readers - many of whom are in this key demographic.

MIllenials are changing the face of real estate as the next generation of buyers have not come out from under student loan debt to become first home buyers.  So who is going to buy property?  That is being left to the baby boomers (down sizing) and the Millenials (moving up).

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7 Facts 'Why We LOVE' Dallas Real Estate Investing

When we as real estate investors turn our eyes to a new region to invest in, it’s important for us to investigate the area. After all, we’re putting a lot of time, energy and capital towards real estate investing — shouldn’t we know what we’re getting into?

At Memphis Invest, when we looked to open a new market, Dallas was the no-brainer market for our company.  We were highly familiar with the state of Texas and the positives that went beyond just "real estate" were readily apparent.  The state was growing in both poulation and jobs.  The MIMI Index from Freddie Mac was super strong indicating some of the top markets were in Texas.  Both Dallas and Houston were showing up as markets set to explode in investor activity.  Look like we were right.  BUt we had one other reason.

Nothing beats the knowledge that comes from actually living there.  Our family was raised in Texas and if you ask me, I still claim to be a Texan even though I operate out of Memphis, TN.  There is something about having intimate knowledge of markets that make for smart investing.   However, that doesn’t mean investors need to be in the dark when it comes to remote investing.  It just means you have to be smart about who you listen to!

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Real Estate Investment | 6 Personal Safety Tips

Typically, the real estate investment business isn’t considered “dangerous.” There’s a level of risk involved in any investment of course, but every investor knows that going in. As an investor, however, you also have to look out for your physical safety as well as that of those who work with you — property managers, tenants and real estate agents. While no one wants to believe something bad could happen on your property, the possibilities are there.

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5 Huge Turnkey Real Estate Investing Mistakes It Is Essential To Avoid

A warning on the front end - this is a longer and definitely detailed blog post on Turnkey real estate investing.  But I think you will find it worth your time....

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4 Ways to Boost Your Productivity

Investing in real estate can very easily become a full-time job. As we’ve talked about before, a truly “hands off” investor is a myth. Real estate investment is a business and a job — and what you put into it is often what you get out of it. Investors have to follow up on leads, check in with their staff, keep up with real estate news and statistics, create strategies, deal with banks and agents and contractors…

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3 Real Estate Investment Dangers When Rent Skyrockets

In cities across the United States, particularly in large real estate markets, rent prices have been skyrocketing.  We have seen rent increases in many areas of Memphis as well as Dallas and Houston, although rents have not been rising like they have in some large cities across the country.  Many rents are also rising in multi-unit complexes which are seeking to add more and more attractive amenities, but are not shy about raising the rent at the same time.

While many markets are recovering from the recession (some slower than others), the demand for rental units — whether single-family properties or apartments — is still very, very high and shows no signs of slowing down. Whether its residual fear of foreclosure or shifts in our goals and needs in residence, renting is popular.

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Real Estate

Investing in real estate may be something you’ve been considering for awhile now. It’s something you think you’d really like to do, but you still haven’t quite committed to jumping into real estate investment.  Maybe you are still in the learning phase and realize there are a lot of questons you need to be asking before moving forward.

Part of that still, perhaps, is that you aren’t asking yourself enough questions (or the right questions). 

If investing in real estate is just a theoretical idea of saving retirement money or building reliable passive income, take that dream to the next level. Instead of daydreaming about all the benefits of real estate investment, it’s time to knuckle down and make your decision.  

Your security later in life - the security of your investments - relies on your getting answers to serious questions now and surrounding yourself with a great TEAM before moving forward.  What better way to vet a great team than to get the answer you need and make sure you are pointed in the right direction as a real estate investor.

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