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10 Must-Have Travel Apps For Real Estate Investors Who Travel To Their Investments

It seems like we’re always on the go. Whether for business or for pleasure, it’s a good idea to take advantage of modern technology when it comes to your travel plans. There are plenty of useful smartphone apps — many free — available on a variety of devices that can streamline your plans and made any trip less stressful.

Speaking of trips....

Memphis Invest is hosting its annual celebration weekend where we host 120-150 real estate investors in Memphis.  On April 24th and 25th, we plan on having another fantastic investors weekend full of great opportunities to learn, connect and even get started as an investor with one of America's Top 50 Home Buyers!  Here is just a quick rundown of what we cover with investors who come in to meet our team:

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5 Awesome Real Estate Blogs You Should Be Following

We’ve recommended some other real estate investment blogs to our readers before. After all, it’s not enough to pull from one source — there are plenty of great blogs out there, offering different perspectives, flavors and insight that can shape a well-rounded, informed investor. We encourage you to scour the Internet! Seek out new voices in the industry.

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Top Tips for Turning Real Estate Investing Intentions into Action

We all know what they say about good intentions. We also know that most of us intended to keep our New Year’s Resolutions, but just a few months into 2015 and we’ve already wasted a chunk of change on our gym memberships and let too many papers pile up in the office.

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Top Tips for Closing Real Estate Investment Deals More Quickly

Advice For Active Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors, especially active investors, make deals all the time. We most often look to buy — after all, investors are interested in snatching up suitable properties to generate investment income. Selling also plays a big part in the real estate investment business. There will come a time when it may make sense to streamline a portfolio and either sell or possibly trade into different properties.

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Why Customer Service Should Be Your #1 Business Priority

For many businesses, customer service can be an elusive art.  However, offering the best customer service possible should be at the top of your business priorities, even at its' most demanding, inconvenient and difficult times.  Real estate investing, especially from long-dstances and with Turnkey companies can be very taxing on the mind and uncomfortable or some investors.  More than ever, real estate service companies need to be great at customer service.

There will be days when clients, tenants and customers will frustrate you, make you want to lose your cool, scream and quit.  Here at Memphis Invest, we have spent countless hours studying, reviewing, training and in general trying to learn and improve on everything we do from a customer service standpoint.  We have even had business and customer service author, Joe Calloway, feature our company in his book, Be The Best At What Matters Most.

There’s very little fun about customer service, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not rewarding — personally and professionally.  For a company like us, customer service is not just a is literally our core proficiency.  Memphis Invest may be in the business or managing real estate investments for real estate investors, but first and foremost we are a customer service company!  

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Memphis Property Management Company | By the Numbers!

Premier Property Management Group Continues To Impress

Premier Property Management of Memphis and PPMG of Texas have both been seeing this same trend their management portfolios since the4th quarter.  A rise in rental rates over-all, a rise in demand for our services and a decline in vacancies.  Each city have seen increases in lease extensions coupled with fewer monthly move-outs.  We cannot say for sure that these trends are company specific or if they are related to the cities themselves as there is very little published data. 

What we can say is that an increased focus on staff, training and service to tenants has absolutely paid off.  We continue to have the outlier properties that take  a little longer to rent for no rhyme nor reason and we continue to turn down un-qualified applicants only to have them complain.  However, both scenarios continue to occur on a decreasing scale and happy, satisfied tenants continue to extend leases at an increasing rate.

Over-all, we are thrilled with the job our teams in Memphis and Dallas are doing!  Here is a quick breakdown of some key numbers:

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How Far to Take Your Investment Property Renovations

Your investment property is not your home.

There, I said it.

It’s something every investor knows, but that doesn’t stop some from getting tripped up when they get a vision in their minds of what they want their investment property to be.

We have to hold ourselves back at times when we are renovating properties that real estate investors will purchase from us as investments.  It is easy to justify each dollar as a smart investment, but harder to make each dollar pay off in return.

It’s not a bad thing to want your property to be the best possible version of itself, but focusing too hard on shaping it into your vision of perfection can end up draining your time and money faster than you can think. Before you know it, it’ll take several years of renting to even begin to make up for the cost of property renovations.

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Hey Real Estate Investors-Stop Stressing! 5 Steps To Eliminate Stress

Sinking stomach. Swimming head. Anxieties galore. Stress can be taxing on us mentally in ways that really hinder productivity and contentment. Stress can also have long term physical repercussions. Blood pressure and other heart problems can stem from stress, along without diseases and bodily ails.

For our health and our sanity, it’s important to practice effective stress management in our lives — both personally and in the workplace. Life will always come with a little stress — deadlines, arguments, big decisions, and plenty else are simply unavoidable sources of stress.  When you add in the fact that we are real estate investing, well, the stress level can go up a bit!

We can’t eliminate it, but it’s well within our power to takes steps towards reducing stress.

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5 Great Blues Places When Visiting Memphis For Real Estate Investing

Memphis is synonymous with the blues. This southern city is the hallowed ground of the soulful genre, and others, such as rock & roll and jazz, have their roots built from the blues. From W.C. Handy to B.B. King, Memphis has been host to musical innovators turned blues superstars.

So, the blues are hot in Memphis, but so is our company, Memphis Invest, and the opportunity to invest in a solid, long-term investment market and team.  This is a great time to come to Memphis and visit our team, our offices and our city and maybe even catch some blues while you are at it!

We are hosting our annual Memphis in May real estate investing celebration and pushed it up a week this year to avoid the massive crowds that visit every weekend in May.  We are hosting our real estate investors event April 24th and 25th and WOULD LOVE to meet in person with as many real estate investors as possible.  You can follow any of the links to get all of the details including hotel reservations and reserve you seat....

When you’re in Memphis, you’ll have no short list of places to visit. While you’re in our beloved city, be sure to make time to sit and listen to authentic Memphis blues. Experience the treasure that Memphis gave the world first-hand in these hoppin’ blues joints.

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Don’t Gamble: Investment Strategies for Deals on Real Estate

With the rush of foreclosed homes on the market in the past few years, investors were jumping into the business from every direction.  Here in Memphis, the investment real estate market was booming due to the rush of foreclosures and most were caused by a slowing economy and not necessarily an over-heated housing market.  That created a scenario where not only were houses available, but renters were in abundance as well.

As the real estate market is now recovering, easy buys on bank-owned homes are becoming more scarce. Some investors are opting out of real estate because properties aren’t as easy to acquire. As serious investors knows, the real estate market will continue to change constantly over time. 

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