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What Awesome Things Were Created In Memphis? You May Be Surprised...


Memphis, TN is full of history. It’s nationally recognized for its contributions not only to the culture of the South, but as a revolutionary epicenter for innovation felt throughout the country. Even today, things that came from Memphis decades ago have a profound impact on our culture — and most folks don’t even realize it!

We love Memphis for a lot of reasons and all are related to real estate, business and creating opporutnity for other investors.  But there is so much more that makes Memphis great!  This is a tough and resilient city and we are currently under-going a revitalization.  We are learning again and our unique culture is what we need to lean on.  When you learn about Memphis, you learn a lot about what has made Memphis Invest the company it is today.

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5 Essential Questions to Ask Property Managers Before Hiring

No one person can be more instrumental in the success — or failure — of your real estate investments than your property manager. They act as organizer, middleman and voice for your investment property. A good property manager not only keep real estate investors from having to deal with the daily grind of many landlord responsibilities, but they are key in finding and keeping good tenants.

There is a phrase that is often used when talking success for real estate investors.  It goes:  A bad property manager can destroy a great investment every time.

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Real Estate Investing | 4 Ultimate Strategies For On-Time Rent Payments

Sometimes it feels like a futile struggle to get tenants to pay on time. Your property manager can send reminder after reminder in every way they can think of, from the spoken word, written note, email, text, tweet to smoke signals and semaphore...sometimes nothing seems to work!

When the rent payments come in late, it can be a real inconvenience to real estate investors — particularly those who own single-family properties.  At the same time, high turnover rates can be a killer for a real estate investor.  Both of these issues can easily be overcome with a few simple steps and "re-evaluation" of the owner/landlord/management/tenant relationship.

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Congratulations To The Whole Memphis Invest Companies Team!

Memphis Invest, GP Hits 500 Closings!

500 is a big number for us.  Yes, we have been on INC Magazines 500/5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies In America list for three straight years...but, that is not the 500 I am talking about or even wanting to brag on our company for.  This is a very unique, family-owned company with a strong culture and now over 50 full time team members.  We are providing services to close to 900 real estate investors and are managing just under 2,700 properties in three cities.  These are all incredible milestones, but none of them are the number we are wanted to celebrate our team for.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Investment Property Bathroom Remodel

Property renovations can get very expensive very quickly. Real estate investors need to prioritize their renovations to get the most for their time and money. Research shows that the most bang for your buck can be found in the overhauling of two rooms in particular — the kitchen and the bathroom.  There two unfortunate points connected to that little bit of research.

1.  Bathroom remodels and kitchen remodels, just by the nature of what goes into them, can cost a lot of money to renovate. 

2.  Both of these rooms in the house involve plumbing. Any work that involves tampering with plumbing is going to drain your money.

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STOP Sabotaging Your Success in Real Estate Investment!

5 Self Sabotaging Actions of Real Estate Investors

It seems odd to open by telling real estate investors how to fail. Sometimes, though, the best advice comes from being told what not to do! While there are always individual circumstances in real estate investment and advice should be taken with a grain of salt, there are certain principles to the business that are universal.  One of them is to never call a buyer a "loser" as the sign points out.  I promise you....that has never happened on our end!  

We have worked with nearly 1,000 investors at this point and there are certain actions that we can all identify as "trouble" for real estate investors.   How you refer to a buyer is an easy one. Here are five REALLY EASY to identify trouble points to watch out for as a real estate investor.  They may not be as obvious as the picture above, but they are crucial and often self inflicted so they are critical to be aware of!  Take notes and shoot us any questions you may have.

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5 Ways Real Estate Investors Can Avoid Lawsuits

When it comes to real estate investment, it’s vital to be well-informed. It can be incredibly daunting, because there’s a lot that real estate investors need to know in order to be successful in this business. In many cases, you can afford to make a few mistakes while adjusting to the learning curve — but not when it comes to matters of the law.

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4 Ways to Stand Out Among Real Estate Investors

To those not immersed in that world, real estate investors can be mysterious figures, lumped in with landlords and property management. For you and your colleagues, that isn’t the case. Real estate investors do important work that ultimately affects your landlords and your tenants. Real estate investing done properly is not a gamble nor a game, it is serious business where calculated risks are taken and where serious wealth can be built.

Whether you have your hands in the day-to-day going-ons of your investment properties or not, there are steps that you can take that will have you standing out in the sea of investors.  We have written extensively about the serious and important work of real estate investors and how we as a company are very selective as to the clients we would like to work with.

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7 Real-Life Haunted Houses in the U.S.

It’s a spooky, spooky time of year! Halloween is upon us, and the season just isn’t complete without a few haunted houses. They’re a staple of our idea of something spooky and have been featured in movies and books for decades. What’s Psycho without the Bates Motel? What’s The Amityville Horror without the house? Whether or not we believe in ghosts, demons and spirits doesn’t matter — just about everyone can get on board with a good supernatural story.

Haunted houses, however, aren’t just a part of our popular culture. Haunted properties, from hotels and houses to asylums and castles, make for popular-real life attractions. Whether or not these properties are authentically haunted is a constant, unsolvable debate.  At the same time, we do not recommend our investors buy haunted houses - real or not!

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Chris Clothier Featured on Top Real Estate Investing Podcast.....

We had the pleasure of participating in the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever podcast hosted by Joe Fairless this week and had a great time talking real estate investing with Joe.  There are not a ton of great real estate investing podcasts online today.  They are really a mixed bag as far as the content and the quality.    

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