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5 Ways Real Estate Investors Can Earn Big Over the Holidays

Posted by Chris Clothier on Fri, Dec 15, 2017

The holidays are great. It’s the time of year where we cozy up, break out the cocoa, and spend time with friends, family, and plenty of good food. As real estate investors, however, we tend to neglect one important thing about the holiday season: it’s a great time to get ahead. The fourth quarter of any year tends to drag when it comes to real estate.

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Are Private Money Lenders Your Best Bet in Real Estate Investment?

Posted by Chris Clothier on Wed, Dec 13, 2017

Financing can be tricky to navigate in real estate investment. For the most part, your average real estate investor won’t be paying for their properties in cash—at least, not in the very beginning. And with limits on the number of mortgages you can take out, there have to be alternative real estate investor financing options, right?

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You're a Turnkey Investor...Now What? 4 Next Steps to Financial Greatness

Posted by Chris Clothier on Fri, Dec 8, 2017

Taking the plunge as a turnkey real estate investor is the first step to the beginning of a bright financial future. You’ve found your turnkey provider that you trust, you’ve started building a solid relationship, purchased the property, and started generating passive income. what?

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13 Books on Real Estate Investing & the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Posted by Chris Clothier on Tue, Dec 5, 2017

Anyone who knows me knows I love to read. I'm always looking for ways to educate myself on my interests, but I also enjoy a page-turning novel as well!

I wanted to put together a list of resources for you, books that I can honestly say have impacted me both personally and professionally. As you can tell, not all of these are real estate books, but they are all related to the success mindset! I strongly believe that in order to succeed, you have to surround yourself with the right people, the right resources, and the right attitude and these books are a great place to get started! If you're wanting to become a more successful investor and entrepreneur, I hope you check these titles out - each book image is linked to Amazon for easy shopping!

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3 Reasons to Say YES! to Passive Real Estate Investment

Posted by Chris Clothier on Fri, Dec 1, 2017

When you think of an investment opportunity, what comes to mind? If we’re thinking generally, we likely have images of handing over a few thousand dollars to a broker, taking on a healthy dose of risk, and hoping that our investment pays out in the end.

In traditional investments like stocks and buying shares in a company, it always feels like something of a gamble. An investor doesn’t have all that much control over what happens—all they can do is hope for the best!

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Why Investors Should Avoid Cheap Investment Properties

Posted by Chris Clothier on Tue, Nov 28, 2017

Who doesn’t love a good deal?

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just wrapping up, we’ve seen just how crazy people can get when they’re faced with the prospect of a good deal. They’ll go to extreme lengths to save money if they think they can.

For real estate investors, we go to our own extreme lengths sometimes. There’s a natural impulse in all of us to look for the best deal and the lowest price. But just like the person who gets punched over a toaster oven on Black Friday, we may find that getting something cheap isn’t always worth it.

Real estate investors: beware of buying properties on the cheap!

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Essentials for Investing in Real Estate in Your 20's and 30's

Posted by Chris Clothier on Fri, Nov 24, 2017

Some young people seem to be under the impression that real estate investment is something that you do when you’re older. You don’t need to invest when you’re in college. You don’t need to invest when you’re in your 20’s. You’re still young—why do you need to plan for retirement now?

Here's a hint: you absolutely need to be planning for retirement now!

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5 Qualities Real Estate Investors Should Look for in an Agent

Posted by Chris Clothier on Tue, Nov 21, 2017

As a real estate investor, you know by now that you only have so many hours in the day to get everything done that needs doing. Because of this, you're well aware that some things can be a waste of your time and effort. Some things are better left to someone else!

For you, that may mean partnering up with a real estate agent to find and acquire your investment properties. But for real estate investors, it's not as simple as joining forces with just any Realtor. After all, investing in real estate and buying rental properties just isn't the same as buying a new home for your own private use.

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3 Pitfalls in Investing in Distressed Properties

Posted by Chris Clothier on Tue, Nov 14, 2017

There’s something attractive about the idea of a transformation. We see it captured in our media over and over again. It’s famously captured in Shaw’s Pygmalion, it’s on nearly every HGTV show.

We’re enamored with before and afters, fascinated with how something can be turned around. More importantly, in the world of real estate investment, we're interested in how a transformation can turn a profit.

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The #1 Way Worry-Free Remote Real Estate Investing is Possible

Posted by Chris Clothier on Mon, Nov 13, 2017

New real estate investors usually have the impulse to invest where they are. They want to stick with the market they’re familiar with, the properties they can visit and see, the things they can control.

The idea that they should invest outside of that in markets that are thousands of miles away sounds preposterous! In actuality, remote real estate investing isn't as crazy as it might sound. In fact, it offers some of the best investment opportunities you'll find in real estate.

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