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What the State of the U.S. Economy Means for Real Estate Investors

useconomy realestateinvestors

Plenty of factors figure into the state of the U.S. economy. When the economy crashed a few years ago, the housing market was largely blamed. Very slowly, we’ve been climbing out of this economic hole. The general public opinion of the recovering economy, however, is still mixed and hasn’t changed much from 2009. In a study by the Pew Research Center in February of this year, a reported 61% of Americans were hearing a mixture of good and bad news surrounding the U.S. economy and its recovery, 33% heard mostly bad news, and only 5% heard mostly good news.

Why Rent? Insights for Real Estate Investors

realestateinvestors whyrent

While rent rates continue their slow climb, surprisingly, the vacancies in apartments are on the downswing. Reis reported a 3.2% rent increase in 2013, compared to the vacancy decline of 4.1%. That trend doesn’t seem to be changing, as it's similar to the statistics of 2012. More and more people are turning to renting despite rising costs. One would think that wouldn’t be the case, but it’s good news for real estate investors.

Homebuyers Pushed Out: What Does it Mean for Real Estate Investors?

realestateinvestors homebuyers

It’s a tough time to buy a home. The real estate buying market has been unforgiving lately as home prices are on the rise. We have seen several cases in Dallas where properties are listed and shown multiple times within a 24-hour period and followed up with multiple bids.

Tenant Relations and Rent Collection

propertymanagement rentcollection

Rent may be a necessary evil for tenants, but for real estate investing, it's simply necessary. Rent is your positive cash flow, after all. Those savings are integral to having peace of mind in our uncertain and ever-changing economy. 

What's Your Real Estate Investment Deal Breaker?

realestateinvestment dealbreaker

As a real estate investor, standards are important. If you don’t know what your personal standards are for any given property or tenant, you may wind up with an investment that is more work than it’s worth. While we all have to maintain some degree of flexibility when it comes to our investments — after all, no property or person will ever meet your visions of perfection — there’s a time and place to draw a line in the sand and back away. You’ll save yourself a lot of money, stress and grief if you know what your real estate investment deal breakers are before you spring for that purchasing that property.

Bargain or Bust: Navigating Cheap Real Estate


We all want a good deal, particularly when it comes to our real estate investments and how we define that good deal is very important.  We all want less risk and most of us define good deals by how much money and how much risk they take.  After all, there’s more risk involved in spending more money, right? While that may or may not be true, to a large degree, those in real estate investment must be wary of dirt-cheap deals on properties. It's tempting to jump on discounts with the assumption that if something is on sale, then it’s a good deal.  Just because you are buying something lower than the advertised price, does not mean it is a good deal.

Don't Waste Your Time on Bad Real Estate Investments

bad realestateinvestments

Navigating the world of real estate investments can be a arduous task, to say the least. While it’s said to be one of the best sources of passive income (and it is!), that doesn’t mean that investing in real estate is always easy. Honestly, being a real estate investor can have difficult moments. You’ll have ups and downs and face daunting challenges. While some of the pitfalls of investing in real estate are impossible to avoid, there are some that you can.

Building Better Tenant Relations


As a real estate investor, one of the most challenging aspects of investing has to do with other people. Specifically, with tenants. Search the Web and you’re bound to find thousands upon thousands of hits regarding bad tenants. Some stories are so horrible that the only thing you can do is laugh — maybe because you can’t believe it yourself unless it happens to you.

The Qualities of Great Property Management & Customer Service

good property management

Whether you are managing your own properties or you’re outsourcing to a property manager, there are ways to ensure that your tenants have a great customer service experience. 

Avoiding Real Estate Investing Scams by Renters


The majority of the time, when you see something involving “rentals” and “scams,” most people are expecting to find landlord horror stories and tales of tenants being mistreated. The real estate investor, the landlord or the property manager, in most cases, are the villains of the story. But did you know that there are would-be renters out there looking to take advantage of landlords and real estate investors?

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