The Passive Real Estate Investor's 5-Step Action Plan Before Buying a Property

Posted by Chris Clothier on Tue, Jan 16, 2018

In real estate investment, there’s a lot going on between “I’m going to do it” and “I did it!”

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5 Things Passive Real Estate Investors Can Always Be Excited About

Posted by Chris Clothier on Fri, Jan 12, 2018

How do you feel about investing in real estate?

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2018 Trends and Predictions for Passive Real Estate Investment

Posted by Chris Clothier on Tue, Jan 9, 2018

As the new year gets into full swing, experts will make their fair share of predictions about the trajectory of 2018. We’ll see them across every arena: politics, economics, entertainment, and yes—even real estate investment. Where passive real estate investment, in particular, is concerned, the predictions that come with a new year may not be what you expect.

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13 Books on Real Estate Investing & the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Posted by Chris Clothier on Tue, Dec 5, 2017

Anyone who knows me knows I love to read. I'm always looking for ways to educate myself on my interests, but I also enjoy a page-turning novel as well!

I wanted to put together a list of resources for you, books that I can honestly say have impacted me both personally and professionally. As you can tell, not all of these are real estate books, but they are all related to the success mindset! I strongly believe that in order to succeed, you have to surround yourself with the right people, the right resources, and the right attitude and these books are a great place to get started! If you're wanting to become a more successful investor and entrepreneur, I hope you check these titles out - each book image is linked to Amazon for easy shopping!

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3 Reasons to Say YES! to Passive Real Estate Investment

Posted by Chris Clothier on Fri, Dec 1, 2017

When you think of an investment opportunity, what comes to mind? If we’re thinking generally, we likely have images of handing over a few thousand dollars to a broker, taking on a healthy dose of risk, and hoping that our investment pays out in the end.

In traditional investments like stocks and buying shares in a company, it always feels like something of a gamble. An investor doesn’t have all that much control over what happens—all they can do is hope for the best!

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How Should a Turnkey Real Estate Provider Follow Through with Their Clients?

Posted by Chris Clothier on Tue, Oct 31, 2017

What makes a company good? We have many different metrics that define our standards of service. When we work with a company, whether in a short-term engagement (like purchasing a product or dealing with their customer service representatives) or in the long-term (like buying a subscription service or partnering in a long-term arrangement), there are certain expectations that we have. Certain ways we desire to be treated.

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4 Rules for Winning Big from the Beginning in Passive Real Estate Investment

Posted by Chris Clothier on Sat, Oct 28, 2017

New to passive real estate investment? You’ve probably realized that it’s quite a bit different from other forms of investing. You’re not expected to be an expert. You’re not making this your full-time or even a part-time job. As a real estate investor, you likely just want real estate investment to be an avenue to earn passive income to help secure a solid financial future.

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Invest in Success: Top Priorities for Passive Real Estate Investors

Posted by Chris Clothier on Thu, Sep 14, 2017

As real estate investors, we are bombarded with a metric ton of information each and every day. The amount of information out there to consume and digest is overwhelming at times.

That makes it difficult to discern what's truly at the heart of it all. What actually makes an impact on your investing career? What really makes a tangible impact on your success?

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5 Crucial Parts of Every Passive Real Estate Investment Business

Posted by Chris Clothier on Thu, Aug 17, 2017

Businesses are often compared to machines. It’s a tired metaphor, but it doesn’t make it less apt. Machines rely on many moving parts to function, and it is true of investing in real estate, too.

Unlike businesses, these parts don’t come in the form of jobs to be filled, departments, or complex infrastructure. Most of the time, the “parts” that a real estate investor’s business needs to function rest solely in his or her hands.

Even passive real estate investors are responsible for the moving parts of their investment portfolio.  Memphis Invest learned long ago that addressing those moving parts with investors honestly, from the beginning and including a willingness to tell some investors that they simply were not ready to move forward, was the only way to build a Turnkey company.  Why?  No matter how passive an investment is or an investor wants to be, the investment success or failure rests solely in their hands.

That’s a lot of pressure!

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The How-To Guide to Real Estate Investing on a Time Crunch

Posted by Chris Clothier on Fri, Jul 21, 2017

We’re surrounded by busy people. You’re likely one of them! We always have a million and one things to do and it doesn’t seem like we can squeeze in one more thing. No matter how hard we try, it’s always a challenge to fit in those trips to the grocery store and that time to visit relatives and spending quality time with the kids.

In a world that never stops, how do you find time for something like real estate investment?

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