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Make Serious Passive Income: Cut Out These 3 Behaviors

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Critical List | 7 Actionable Steps When New Real Estate Investors Feel Totally Lost

Top Tips for Out of State Property Hunting

Top 5 Ways Investors Can Support Their Property Management Team

Self-Check: Are Your Personal Finances on the Right Track?

Using 6 Poignant Quotes About Failure as a Guide to Success

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The How-To Guide to Real Estate Investing on a Time Crunch

5 Smart Strategies for Securing Your Retirement Savings

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Finding Real Estate Deals When Competition Rises

The Reliability of Memphis Real Estate

7 Habits Every New Real Estate Investor Needs to Succeed

The Impact and Opportunity of Emerging Technology in Real Estate Investment

The Millennial Impact on Houston Real Estate

5 Headaches Real Estate Investors Should Avoid When Property Hunting

Winning the Bid: 6 Tips for Real Estate Investing in a Competitive Market

6 Ways to Know the Deal is Right in Real Estate Investment

When is the Best Time to Invest in Real Estate?

Making the Most of Online Investment Property Hunting

The Hardest Lessons Learned From Investing in Real Estate

7 Unquestionable Benefits Found in Real Estate Investment

Experience Matters Podcast - "Focus and Discipline" In Real Estate Investment

2016 the Best for Home Sales in a Decade...But What About 2017?

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6 Essentials for Every New Real Estate Investor's Toolkit

Episode 6...Experience Matters Podcast - With Kent Clothier, Sr.

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Conquering Nagging Thoughts Every New Real Estate Investor Has

Episode 5...Experience Matters Podcast - With Kent Clothier, Sr.

4 Considerations Before Buying Out-of-State Real Estate

5 Golden Financial Strategies That Save Money Around the Clock

Squash 5 Major Real Estate Negotiating Anxieties

Experience Matters Podcast My Entrepreneurial Journey Episode 4

6 Essentials to Success When Buying Investment Properties

Are You Accounting for These 4 Hidden Costs in Real Estate Investment?

All Work and No Play? Finding Balance as a Passive Real Estate Investor

Experience Matters Podcast - Kent Clothier Sr. -  Episode 3

Experience Matters Podcast - Kent Clothier Sr.- Episode 2

How Memphis Invest Became the Best Customer Service Company in Turnkey Real Estate Investing

Investing in Real Estate Part Time for Financial Flexibility

Kent Clothier, Sr. Launches His Real Estate Investing Podcast Today....

The Truth: Exposing 7 Turnkey Real Estate Investment Myths

5 Crucial Questions to Getting Real Estate Marketing Right

Mastering the Mindset of a Successful Real Estate Investor

Real Estate Investing & Entrepreneurship | Why Scars Matter

3 Ways ROI Matters in Real Estate Investing?

11 Checklist Questions to Finding Your Ideal Real Estate Business Partner

8 High-Impact Renovations for Your Investment Property

What Every Successful Real Estate Investor Has in Common

Our Best Tips for Real Estate Investing for Attracting Long-Term Residents

5 Sacrifices Real Estate Investors and Entrepreneurs Make to Achieve Success!

I Bought My First Rental Property. Now What?

Defeating What's Holding You Back from Your First Real Estate Deal

4 Unexpected Ways to Reduce Risk in Real Estate Investment

6 Clever Negotiation Tactics to Lock Down Your Next Real Estate Deal

5 Compelling Reasons to Rely on Real Estate Investment

Where is Houston Real Estate Headed in 2017?

8 Quotes from Real Estate Investment Legends to Inspire an Incredible 2017

Deal or No Deal? Planning Your Future in Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investors Pay Close Attention: 9 Essentials to Do for Your Properties Now!

2017 Real Estate Predictions & Projections

Check it out:  8 Genius Ways to Increase Your Rental Property Values

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What is Your Real Estate Investment Business Missing?

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Do You Know the Most Valuable Asset for Real Estate Investors?

Can You Really Buy a Rental Property Without Seeing It Firsthand?

6 Tips On How to Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio

5 Tips for Handling Bad Tenants (Without Losing Your Mind Or Your Shirt)

What Makes Real Estate Such a Good Investment?

An Analysis of Dallas Investment Real Estate for Investors

4 Real Estate Investment Myths That Are Crushing Your Chances of Success

Signs an Investment Property Has Great Cash Flow Potential

9 Questions Every Investor Should Ask a Turnkey Investment Company ~ And Why!

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Do Underrated Markets Make Better Real Estate Investments?

Rent Money Pros & Cons: Weighing 3 Ways to Get Paid

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Memphis Invest Hosting a Real Estate Investor Q&A and Meet-n-Greet In Dallas, Texas

Great Tenant Goals: 6 Qualities You Want in a Renter

5 Proactive Strategies to Prevent Rental Fraud

5 Ways Patience Pays Off In Real Estate Investment

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Inc Magazine's 2016 List of Fastest Growing Companies Is Out...(hint: 5 years in a row!)

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6 Reasons Your Tenant Moved...And How YOU Can Keep Turnover Down!

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5 Reasons to Focus on Satisfaction Over Profit

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6 Steps to Overcoming Real Estate Investment Analysis Paralysis

REI Voice Features Memphis Invest in Latest Issue for Real Estate Investors

8 Compelling Reasons to Choose Turnkey Real Estate for Passive Income

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[Video] The Authentic Customer Service Experience for Real Estate Investors at Memphis Invest

3 Areas of Turnkey Real Estate Investing That Should Be Hands On

15 Quality Twitter Feeds for Real Estate Investors to Follow

Conquering 6 Real Estate Investment Money Myths

More Positives for the Memphis Real Estate and Business Markets...

5 Benefits of Leaving Your Properties to A+ Property Management

8 Excellent Real Estate Blogs You Should Be Reading

The TRUE Value of Great Property Management

5 Ways Real Estate Investors Can Reduce Tax Liability & Increase Savings

4 Methods for Real Estate Investors to Utilize Big Data

How and Why To Diversify Your Real Estate Investing Portfolio

Stop Sabotaging Your Real Estate Investing Success!

The 5 Stages of Finding Your Real Estate Niche

Single or MultiFamily: Which is the Better Real Estate Investment? An in-depth study

The Real Estate Investor's Guide to Beating Procrastination

5 Business & Finance Podcasts Worth Listening To

Want To See First-Hand The Biggest Turnkey Real Estate Company in the U.S.?  Here's Your Chance...

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Are You a Real Estate Investor with Staying Power?

With Foreclosures Down, Will Homebuyer Confidence Follow?

5 Tax Advantages & Tips for Real Estate Investors

Dallas Rises Into Top 5 Real Estate Markets for 2016

7 Principles that Help Protect Your Credit Score

The Oil Crisis: A Blessing in Disguise for Houston Real Estate?

3 Tips For Maximizing Investment Property Revenue

Thinking Like a Tenant to Score Properties That Pay!

How Crowdfunding May Change Real Estate Investment as We Know It

Are We Headed Toward a Millennial Homebuying Rebound?

We Love The Houston Real Estate Market Even With $28 Oil!

How To Feel Like Superman On Your Next Real Estate Deal!

The Definitive Guide: Self-Directed IRAs & Real Estate Investing

How to Tap into Your Investment Potential Right Now!

26 Inspiring Quotes to Motivate Your 2016

The Best Way to Start Investing in Real Estate in 2016

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6 Key Budgeting Tips for Real Estate Investors

The Best Insights on Saving to Start Investing in Real Estate

Renting vs. Buying for Millennials: 3 Cities to Consider

4 Real Estate Investors That Should Never Buy Turnkey Properties!

4 Questions to Guide Your Financial Freedom in Retirement

Should You Sell Your Property in a Seller's Market?

7 Stunning Qualities That Make Memphis One-of-a-Kind

Near or Far? Local VS Out-of-State Investing

6 Great Finance & Real Estate Podcasts for the Road

5 Essential Strategies to Retaining Great Tenants

4 Ways Real Estate Investors Show Gratitude this Holiday Season

Dallas Real Estate Rises to Top Market to Watch

2 Big Reasons Houston Real Estate is Still Going Strong

Busting 5 Myths About Generating Passive Income in Real Estate

6 Inspiring Books for Your Fall Reading List

7 Things Real Estate Investors Do to Stay Successful

5 Keys to Keeping Your Cool When Real Estate Gets Frustrating

Top 6 Restaurants To Visit While You're in Dallas, TX

5 Reasons Memphis is Ideal for Out-of-State Investing

STOP! Think and Be Careful When Evicting a Tenant

Going Forward: Recession, Recovery & Real Estate Investing

Turnkey Real Estate: The Face of Millennial Investing?

[Infographic] Is There A Rental Crisis Brewing...?

6 Alternative Sources For Real Estate Investing Financing

6 Habits that Convey Professional Confidence

5 Keys to Improving Your Professional Communication Skills

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Forget the House!! First Step When Investing in Turnkey Real Estate...

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Boost Positive Cash Flow with a Creative Approach to Rent

Congratulations to Carol Henderson...Celebrating 10 Years With Memphis Invest!

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5 Real Estate Investing Articles To Read This Week

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What Good is ROI Anyway?

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Foreclosures So Far: A 2015 1st Quarter Review

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What Is Trending In Dallas Real Estate Investing...

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Boosting Real Estate Value Through Outdoor Amenities

5 Strategies for a Pet-Friendly Investment Property

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Beautiful Memphis Investment Property - 4555 Addington, Memphis, TN.

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Attention Memphis Real Estate Investors - Keep it simple!!

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Mention Justin Beiber 1 Time! And this is what you get..

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Investment property management tips from Memphis Invest Announces Cash Flow Pros Expo

Build a Wholesale Real Estate Business

Buy & Hold is a True Long-Term Strategy for Real Estate Investors

Buy & Hold is a True Long-Term Strategy for Real Estate Investors

Investing in real estate requires continuing education.

Memphis Invest thanks Fortune Builders and their fantastic clients!

Investment Property Management - Tips for Success

Buying Discount real estate in Memphis

Partnering for success in Memphis Real Estate Investing part 2 of 2!

Customer Service is key for real estate investing in Memphis

Partners in Memphis Real Estate Investing Success - Part 1 of 2 Buying Tour with Fortune Builders a Huge Success

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Cusomter Service is Critical for Real Estate Investors in Memphis

Why Size Matters with Memphis Investment Real Estate

Real Estate Investment Funding is Tight Even With Rates Dropping

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Follow Successful Real Estate Investors to find SUCCESS of your own!

Memphis Investment Property - 1596 Marcia, Memphis, Tennessee

Observations from a new Memphis Real Estate Investor

Cash Buyers Making a Big Play in Memphis Investment Real Estate

The Ebb & Flow of Memphis Real Estate Investing

Memphis Continues to Shine as a Real Estate Investment Bargain!

Why cannot by every discount investment property

WEBINAR: Kent Clothier of Memphis Invest hosts a call for Investors!

7 Reasons Memphis Investment Real Estate will be HOT in 2010!

If only Memphis knew how great the real estate investing can be!

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Q&A call on Rehabs for Memphis real estate investors

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Responsible Lending = Better Investment opportunities in Memphis

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Raleigh is a GREAT suburb for Memphis investment property steals!

Memphis is HOT for Cash Flow Property Investors!

VIDEO: What Went Down at the Memphis Cash Flow Property Buying Tour!

Memphis Investment Property Buying Tour a Huge Success!

Nice Southeast Memphis Property attracts Investment Property Buyers

Invest in Memphis Real Estate with Good People - Not Gimmicks!

Fantastic Memphis Investment Property in a GREAT Neighborhood!

Jobs Coming to Memphis! Great news for Memphis Real Estate Investors

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Than Merrill visits to learn about Investing in Memphis Real Estate

1031 Exchanges - A Growing Niche in Savvy Real Estate Investing

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The wait for SIMS is finally over...

Bank strategy will lead to more investment properties in Memphis

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Memphis named 4th best city for Real Estate Investment

Memphis Real Estate Investors Association founded by Kent Clothier

Why investing in buy & hold real estate is better than Wall Street

Memphis, Tennessee Ranked High for Real Estate Investing

Being a real estate investor requires action!