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Latest Joe Calloway Book Features Memphis Invest

By Chris Clothier on Fri, Mar 29, 2013

Latest book release from Joe Calloway features Memphis Invest

In 2012, Memphis Invest studied the book "Becoming A Category of One" by Joe Calloway.  In August of that year, I picked up the phone and called Joe Calloway and invited him to come to the offices of Memphis Invest and address our staff.  Joe, a member of the International Speakers Hall of Fame, was very well known as a speaker and business consultant whose client list was quite extensive and his expertise was about customer and employee engagement. We had asked Joe to visit with our staff and participate in our staff meeting.  It was the final week of our studying his book and we wanted to give the staff a little extra jolt...a little reminder of all the principles we had studied in the book.  

Joe was fantastic and took a lot of time to understand our company and visit with our employees. He even sat in on our department meetings and interacted with our whole process.  Well, fast forward a few months and we were surprised and honored that Joe wanted to feature a chapter in his newest book on our company.  

This week we received a copy of a great new offering from Joe, "Be The Best At What Matters Most".  What a great book and I love the subtitle. "The only strategy you will ever need", sums up perfectly not only how we think as a company, but also how many great companies around the country are thinking today.  Too often companies miss the mark of true greatness by being good at a whole lot.  In this scenario, good is the enemy of great.  Why try to be good at a whole lot and be constantly bouncing around from one thing to another.  It seems like a much simpler strategy is to just be great at what matters most to you, your company and your clients!

A big thanks to Joe for coming to visit our company last year and an even bigger thanks for bestowing such a great honor as including us in your book.

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Memphis Business Journal Names Finalist For 'Business Of The Year'

By Chris Clothier on Fri, Mar 22, 2013

Memphis Invest Nominated for Small Business Award

Memphis Invest, GP was very honored this week to be formally nominated for the Memphis Business Journal Small Business Awards for the second year in a row!  

2012 was an incredible year of growth for our company not only in terms of volume and properties, but most importantly in processes and people.  So many changes and adjustments had to be made as we continued to grow at breakneck speed and yet the entire team did an outstanding job of keeping pace and working through the changes.  In addition, Memphis Invest, GP was named to the Inc. 500/5000 list of America's Fastest Growing Companies in 2012.  The honor and the recognition by other business men and women here in Memphis means a lot to the Clothier family personally and to all of our staff.   

We were honored in 2011 to be selected by the Germantown Chamber of Commerce as the Small Business of the Year and to be nominated for this award given by the Memphis Business Journal two years in a row is a real testament to not only the company and the business model, but really to the team.  With 41 full time employees and a committed group of partners providing excellent services, Memphis Invest has built an incredible group working for their clients.  We are really excited to see what 2013 brings and hopefully it brings the actual award!

Here is a full list of the 5 companies as finalist for the award for 26-60 employee category:

Small Business of the Year, 26-60 employees
  • Greenway Home Services
  • Herbi-Systems Inc.
  • HOG WILD-Real Memphis Barbeque LLC & A Movable Feast Catering
  • masterIT LLC
  • Memphis Invest GP
We are honored to be mentioned with all the other fantastic Memphis companies.
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Premier Property Management Memphis | February Rental Numbers

By Chris Clothier on Fri, Mar 8, 2013

Premier Property Management Memphis 

So far we are about 65 days into the new year and already business in Memphis is at a record pace!  Both Memphis Invest, GP and Premier Property Management are experiencing tremendous up ticks in business.  Much of that is attributed to existing clients continuing to build their portfolios, but this blog is not about Memphis Invest.  Today, I am writing to absolutely brag on the outstanding team over at Premier Property Management of Memphis.  They are doing a phenomenal job and February was the SINGLE BEST month in the history of the management company!  Not only did the management company close more than 100 rental contracts, but they also reduced outstanding vacancies below 5%.  

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'How To' Hire And Work With A Great Real Estate Contractor

By Chris Clothier on Tue, Mar 5, 2013

How many of us have heard some version of the following story?

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Memphis Moving Forward And Real Estate Investors Will Benefit

By Chris Clothier on Fri, Mar 1, 2013

Memphis E.D.G.E. (Economic Development Growth Engine) Announces Plan To Broaden The Regions Economy and Appeal

Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton, Jr. and Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell joined co-chair Christine P. Richards, Executive Vice President at Fed-Ex. Corporation as they unveiled a plan to provide community leadership, ccontinuity in purpose, vision and planning initiatives for creating a more vibrant Memphis economy.  The plan was announced earlier this week and was detailed on a blog post at the E.D.G.E. website.  By focusing on increased exports, technology advances and taking advantage of the opportunities already developed in Memphis, they plan to develop a multi-pronged approach to economic development.  

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