Memphis Real Estate Investing

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Memphis Responds to T.J. Simers on Grizzlies - Clippers NBA Matchup

By Chris Clothier on Sun, Apr 28, 2013

We Could Invest In Real Estate Anywhere...We Choose Memphis!

There is something special about Memphis and the people who live here.

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Memphis Real Estate | 1st Quarter Results From Memphis Invest

By Chris Clothier on Mon, Apr 22, 2013

Positive Trends For Investment Real Estate Continue

Memphis Invest, GP and related company Premier Property Management Group released 2013 First Quarter Results on Sunday April 21st and a positive trend for the real estate investment company and their clients continues.  Demand for investment property and opportunity continue to remain strong in both Memphis and Dallas and portfolio performance as well as client satisfaction remain high.  Sales at Memphis Invest, GP grew year over year 110% and tracked even compared to the 4th quarter of 2012.  As demand from existing clients continues to pick up, we expect to see growth throughout the year.

"This has been a very strong quarter for each of our companies from buying and selling to renovating and managing both in Memphis and Dallas and we are on pace for another year of strong growth in 2013", according to Kent Clothier, Sr.

Memphis Invest, GP, which reports the numbers for each of the companies, has seen investment property sales in Memphis and Dallas grow steadily each quarter going back to 2011.  Two factors that lead to the steady growth are numbers of clients served and their continued participation in the market.  Premier Property Management is managing portfolios for 692 investors as of April 1.  Those investors were very active in the market during the 1st quarter as 64% of closed sales transactions went to existing clients.  Those two number show that investors continue to have a high level of satisfaction with their existing portfolios and the performance not only of the properties, but also of the management of the portfolio.

"This is a great guage for the success of our property management company and my team.  We are trying to perform at a very high level both in terms of the way the properties perform for clients and in the way we provide customer service and if those two factors remain high, then our clients will continue to trust our company and build their portfolios" says Nate Gray, Director of Premier Property Management.

No Changes In Memphis Investment Plans

Memphis Invest, GP sees no changes in the current plan for acquiring, renovating, renting, selling and managing property in the Memphis or in the Dallas markets.  Each market has unique characteristics, but both remain solid investment markets with opportunities for investors to purchase investment properties.  Rents continue to strengthen in many of the neighborhoods and sub-markets of the cities where we are buying and those areas will remain as our focal points.  We do continue to explore other cities and have two cities on a short list for future expansion in late 2013 early 2014.  Be on the lookout for those announcements!

1st Quarter Numbers

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Memphis Invest Shares 3 Small Business Groups Helping Entrepreneurs

By Chris Clothier on Wed, Apr 17, 2013

Starting a small business -- or growing the one you already own -- can be a daunting task. The small business owner must wear many different hats, and he or she must do so with resources that are often in short supply.  Memphis Invest has been blessed to come through the last few years of massive growth as an extremely strong company and we wanted to write an article showing other Memphis business owners a few organizations where they can get help and guidance.  Being honored last year as one of Inc. Magazines 500/5000 Fastest Growing Companies was huge for us and we'd love to see more Memphis small businesses on the list!

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Tips For Lowering Real Estate Taxes

By Chris Clothier on Wed, Apr 10, 2013

For counties and municipalities across the country, property taxes are the gift that keeps on giving. In both good and bad times, American cities and counties seem to find a way to burden their residents by raising these pesky levies. Since mortgage lenders often automatically shunt future property tax payments into escrow accounts each month, many equity-building homeowners don't even focus on the fact that they're paying hundreds or thousands of dollars per year to their local governments.  This year, Shelby County, Tennessee, which is the county where Mepmphis is located, is assessing the value of every property and adjusting rates.  Some are going up and some are going down.  Event though we manage close to 1,600 single-family rental properties in Memphis, it makes sense to think about our own homes tax appraisal.    

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Memphis Named As #1 In Another Real Estate List...

By Chris Clothier on Sun, Apr 7, 2013

Memphis, TN. Named #1 City For Single-Family Rentals

Realtytrac, the California based on-line foreclosure marketplace has quickly become a fantastic data aggregation site as well and their recent release naming the Top 20 markets to buy single-family rentals made a lot of headlines.  Using data, Realtytrac names the 20 Top Markets by price point and income potential.  At Memphis Invest, we realized several years ago that there were certain dynamics that made Memphis unique when compared to many cities around the country.  This has been fairly well documented by the number of times Memphis appears on man Top lists for everything ranging from affordability, retirement, starting a business, starting a family, receiving health care...and now for investing in single-family homes.

The report names several cities located from Nevada to Florida and several cities in between.  However, we want to make sure the focus remains on the opportunity to invest and remind everyone that opportunity alone does not make a property a good investment.  We have spent years trying to find the balance between opportunity and security to help investors make smart, well thought out decisions instead of hasty decisions that leave an investor saddled with a poor investment in a great investment city.  A great partner with excellent response and service as well as high quality property management have to be in place for an investor to be able to maximize their investment.  There is a lot of competition for individual investors and a lot of poor quality investments being peddled looking for high-risk investors.  Conservative investors who value patience, stability and long-term outlook have a chance right now to knock the opportunity out of the park.  It appears that Realtytrac agrees.

"Buying single-family homes as rentals that actually generate good monthly cash flow has become more difficult over the past year as institutional investors crowded into the market, snapping up tens of thousands of properties in 2012 alone," said Daren Blomquist, vice president at RealtyTrac. "But there are still opportunities for the more conservative, individual investor to buy rental homes that generate a healthy return on investment. It often just takes persistence and willingness to pass on bad deals. The top 20 markets we selected represent the best chance to buy rental homes that generate good cash flow, but opportunities are available in most markets across the country given the combination of relatively low prices, low interest rates and a strong rental market."

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Reduction in Available Housing a Memphis, TN Real Estate Trend

By Chris Clothier on Tue, Apr 2, 2013

A clear trend in Memphis real estate has become apparent in the last few years. Due to a combination of factors, the inventory of available housing has been on a sharp decline. According to figures from a recent article in The Commercial Appeal, the inventory of houses for sale has decreased from 13,300 in January of 2008 to fewer than 6,000 in January of 2013.

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