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Planning Smart Property Renovations for Spring & Summer

By Chris Clothier on Wed, Apr 29, 2015

One would think that with the relatively sluggish recovery of the real estate market in many parts of the country, with both homebuying and home building on the low side overall, home improvement would be similarly stunted.

And yet, that’s not the case — a study by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard, property renovations are booming with nearly $300 billion in sales. It could be the highest spending this year since 2007. That’s good news!

The study points to millennials as key to the home improvement market — as well as real estate investors: 

"While currently lagging previous generations in forming households and buying homes, the Millennials will eventually give a dramatic lift to home improvement spending. More immediately, the growing presence of Millennials in the rental market is encouraging property owners to invest in updates to their units.”

So if property owners should be investing in updates, what kind of updates are best for your budget and your value? Consider these investments:

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Foreclosures So Far: A 2015 1st Quarter Review

By Chris Clothier on Thu, Apr 23, 2015

When the housing crisis kicked up in 2007, foreclosures became a nationwide fear for American families. Between 2007 and this year, a whopping 5 million Americans lost their homes to foreclosure. Homeowners grew more and more fearful as neighbors disappeared and property values dropped off. Those foreclosed upon found themselves with ruined credit — making another home purchase impossible as they were turned down for even small loans and credit cards.

Of course, real estate investors took this chance to buy foreclosed properties and slowly, slowly breathe life back into the real estate market. But now, eight years later, where are we?

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3 Ways a Millennial Mindset Affects Real Estate Investors

By Chris Clothier on Tue, Apr 21, 2015

Sometimes it seems like people like to talk more about millennials than millennials like the talk about themselves. We see opinions such as an overly generalized “they’re all lazy and selfish” and naysayers who see the 18-34 demographic as a threat to the economy. After all, they’re not buying houses. They’re not getting jobs, so some conclude that they’re at fault for our economic woes. On the other end of the spectrum, writers celebrate the drive millennials have to make a mark on the world, both as entrepreneurs and visionaries, while recognizing how the economy has stifled their ability to gain a solid footing in the professional world.

No matter what you may think about millennials, they are the up-and-coming face of our workforce and they want and value things that are different than any generation before them. Real estate investors need to pay attention to how millennials impact the world — because they’re likely to be your number one customer.

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Upcoming Trends & Reflections for Houston Real Estate

By Chris Clothier on Mon, Apr 20, 2015

Real estate investors and professionals have been collectively buzzing about Houston for some time now. Because Space City weathered the housing bubble better than other comparable markets around the country, projections going into 2015 were very good. Millennials were flocking to this hub for job opportunities, tech and energy careers and a steadily increasing urban life — everything Houston spelled promise.

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Spring Roof Maintenance Tips For DIY Real Estate Investors

By Chris Clothier on Thu, Apr 16, 2015

Winter is over, spring has sprung, and with it comes a new to-do list for taking care of your investment property’s roof.  Real Estate Investors around the country are getting ready for warmer days and the opportunity to do some preventative maintenance to their properties. We hope you saw to it that the proverbial hatches were battened down for winter.

Now that the days are warmer, it’s time to venture outside for a fresh round of roof maintenance.  

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What Is Trending In Dallas Real Estate Investing...

By Chris Clothier on Tue, Apr 14, 2015

Like its sister city Houston, all signs in Dallas are pointing to a great year in real estate. While the Dallas-Fort Worth boom has attracted a little less attention than Houston’s, it’s no less significant. They both felt softer effects from the recession and, now that the economy is picking back up, are at the forefront of recovering markets.

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4 Influential Online Voices in Real Estate

By Chris Clothier on Fri, Apr 10, 2015

Real Estate is a diverse industry. It spans generations and numerous iterations, ranging from realtors and developers to buy-and-hold investors and the fix n’ flip crowd. Real estate professionals came from all over  — but not all of them talk about what they’re doing.

While plenty of folks in real estate have reaped the benefits of online marketing through real estate blogs and social media, many still don’t. For those of us who enjoy reading and following the writings of real estate professionals, it can be hard to find those who are both experts in the field and active online.

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Boosting Real Estate Value Through Outdoor Amenities

By Chris Clothier on Wed, Apr 8, 2015

Spring is here! Things are warming up around the country little by little, and that means investors should be turning their thoughts to Spring and Summer trends for real estate, particularly when looking for new tenants and buyers. Besides regular maintenance and renovations, perhaps it’s time to consider increasing value through outdoor amenities.

Generally speaking, good amenities and drawing points not only help your property stand out as desirable, but that added value can be extra cash in your pocket, either from a sale or from monthly rent payments. Outdoor retreats have become popular among homeowners — and investors might need to take a page from their book, especially in prime outdoor seasons.

So what kind of outdoor amenities can boost your property value and help your success in real estate investment?

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5 Strategies for a Pet-Friendly Investment Property

By Chris Clothier on Mon, Apr 6, 2015

There are plenty of pet people on planet earth. From cats and cockatoos to puppies and chinchillas, people love pets. For real estate investors, however, tenants who bring Fido in tow can post some unique challenges — and costs — for your investments. Many property managers and real estate investors have pet policies that outright say “no”. After all, they shed, the damage furniture and floors, dig up prized petunias and can be quite the liability.

But should we be so quick to rule out man’s best friends? Perhaps not. Pets aren’t just pets for people — they’re valued and loved members of the family. There are tons of tenants out there who immediately rule out any property that doesn’t allow pets. When you allow pets, you open yourself up to a new demographic of tenants — pet owners — that aren’t always as bad as horror stories would have you believe.

If you’re considering making allowances for pets on your investment property (beyond service animals, which you have to accommodate by law), check out these tips.

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Buy and Hold: Planning Your Real Estate Investment Future

By Chris Clothier on Sat, Apr 4, 2015

There are many, many different types of real estate investments. When it comes down to residential real estate, there are some pretty distinctive lines. Single-family homes and multifamily properties are just one division, but one differentiation affects how investors invest: those in the fix and flip game and those interested in buy and hold real estate.

What’s the difference?

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6 Recent Must-Read Real Estate Articles For Investors

By Chris Clothier on Fri, Apr 3, 2015

There are hundreds of news sources and blogs out there for real estate investors to read. There’s advice to be taken in, projections to be considered and trends to be analyzed.

Catching up on real estate news can be a challenge — but at Memphis Invest, we wanted to lend a hand.  These are just a few of the articles and sources that we read on a consistent basis to stay up to date with real estate happenings!  Check back in with these sources weekly to keep an eye on real estate investing news.

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