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5 Forecasts for the Real Estate Market in 2015

Posted by Julianna Pardue on Thu, Jan 8, 2015

As we head into 2015, there’s no shortage of 2015people making real estate market predictions for the new year. As always, predictions, speculations and forecasts have to be taken with a grain of salt. We can’t rely on them entirely when it comes to decision making. Still, it’s good for those of us investing in real estate to look at where we’re going as much as where we’ve been. Professionals do study trends and their forecasts do come from a place of expertise.

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4 Ways to Stand Out Among Real Estate Investors

Posted by Julianna Pardue on Mon, Nov 3, 2014

To those not immersed in that world, real estate investors can be mysterious figures, lumped in with landlords and property management. For you and your colleagues, that isn’t the case. Real estate investors do important work that ultimately affects your landlords and your tenants. Real estate investing done properly is not a gamble nor a game, it is serious business where calculated risks are taken and where serious wealth can be built.

Whether you have your hands in the day-to-day going-ons of your investment properties or not, there are steps that you can take that will have you standing out in the sea of investors.  We have written extensively about the serious and important work of real estate investors and how we as a company are very selective as to the clients we would like to work with.

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