7 Great Customer Service Books For "Wowing" Real Estate Clients!

Posted by Chris Clothier on Thu, Sep 12, 2013

Real Estate Investing Can Be A 'Wow' Business

Creating a great experience for clients does not have to be a goal that is reserved only for hotels, restaurants and car companies.  If you provide a service for customers like we do, then the Only goal for your company should be hearing your clients say 'wow'.  In our company, the service is managing a real estate investors rental housing portfolio.  That management process has many opportunities for us to really engage and amaze our clients with great service, great updates and surprise, unexpected touches.  Going above and beyond the "normal" property management duties has become our mission and we have engaged the help of a few resources along the way!

When we decided to create a customer experience that was totally unique to the real estate investing industry, we turned to our habit of reading great books.  We looked for the stories, ideas and inspirations of other great customer experience companies.  OUr challenge was a but unique in that you cannot guarantee an outcome in real estate.  This is an investment.  There is a possibility of loss.  But we also knew our ideal client was looking to preserve capital as much as earn more.  We knew our ideal client was not necessarily a real estate investor but a passive opportunity investor.  We knew that the best way to improve the customer experience was to gear it toward attracting investors who wanted Exactly what we offered.

Passive investing in a hard asset that has the team and systems behind it to help it perform as well as possible...and keep you updated every step of the way.  Boiled down, that is what we excel at.  Creating positive investing experiences by trying to reduce the number of "unexpecteds" and "I didn't knows" for our clients.  

I've listed the book below that we have really enjoyed studying.  They have had the biggest impact on us.  There are links for every book to Amazon - but there is no tracking link or commission made by us!!  In fact, I would suggest you read the reviews on line and then go get the book at the bookstore.  I love bookstores!  So don't even think once that this list is put together so we can make a few pennies when someone buys a book!

Here are the 7 Best Customer Service books that we have studied to build our customer experience team and process!  Go check 'em out and start improving your customer experience today...



Exceptional Customer Service


Memphis Invest


What's The Secret



Becoming A Category of One


Memphis Invest


The New Gold Standard


Memphis Invest


Be The Best At What Matters Most





Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit




Memphis Invest


Getting Naked


Memphis Invest



I seriously hope you take the time to read some of these books and appreciate how much time and energy goes into creating a great customer experience.  These books really have helped to revolutionize the way we do business and approach each day.  We would love to hear your ideas about customer service and this list.  Please leave us your comments below!



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