Cusomter Service is Critical for Real Estate Investors in Memphis

Posted by Chris Clothier on Mon, Jun 21, 2010 took on the task of designing a new customer service department over the past year for our real estate investing clients.  The stoy of my visit to a Chart House in California is a great example of where part of our inspiration comes from... TEAM

                            The TEAM.

I had the pleasure of eating dinner at one of the top restaurant chains in the country this last week when I was in California.  I had dinner one night at the Chart House and was blown away by the level of service that they offered.  From first entrance all the way through exit, the restaurant was right on point at making me feel like their most important customer.  I can only imagine that I was not the only customer leaving the restaurant that evening with that feeling.  At Memphis Invest, when it comes to servicing our real estate investing clients, we seek to leave this same impression.

When we were designing our program, we looked at experiences like the one I had at dinner to help us design our training and our ultimate outcome.  Every client who purchases investment real estate with Memphis Invest should have a fantastic experience where, beyond the usual nervousness of investing, their every question is answered and every concern is addressed before they have to voice them. 

The training that a restaurant like the Chart House gives it's staff is the same training that we give ours.  Everyone is focused on the needs of the client first and taught to always ask, "what can I do for you?"  This simple question is the one that literally bowls over new clients as they are so unaccustomed to being asked what they need.  Most real estate investing clients are used to having to keep up the 'BS' radar, for lack of a better term, when dealing with turn-key real estate companies.  At Memphis Invest, most of our clients are all too happy to do away with the radar and enjoy the benefits of a relationship built on trust and customer satisfaction.

We learned that by addressing what we knew were common concerns early on in the process and never trying to actually "sell" real estate, we would develop life long relationships with our clients.  Much like I will always visit a Chart House when given a choice of restaurants, many of our clients will always turn to us when they are looking for new investment properties.


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