The wait for SIMS is finally over...

Posted by Chris Clothier on Tue, Aug 4, 2009

OK, I'm going to make this quick - for a very good
reason... this is very time-sensitive and you
don't have much time.

This is the deal: Greg Clement and Jeff Walker just
released their SIMS course - and this is something
I think you really need to check out today.

A few weeks ago I thought this was going to be a
home-study course. But they keep adding cool stuff
to the offer almost every day...

- They started with a killer six-module home-study
program that teaches everything you need to know
about using Internet Marketing for your real estate

- Then they added an eight-week interactive
Coaching Program.

- Next came the "done-for-you" software

- Now they've even added a three-day live
workshop... which is amazing since Jeff Walker's
last workshop was priced at $25,000.00 and
completely sold out.

It's gotten to the point that I'm just shocked at
everything they're including. This is the biggest
can't-miss, no-brainer opportunity I've seen.

But one things really clear - this offer won't
last long. In fact, the seats to the live workshop
are super-limited and will almost surely be gone
within hours.

And they'll be pulling the entire SIMS system off
the market within a a few days - they need to pull
it down in order to get the Coaching Program

best regards,

P.S. On second thought, don't plan on being there,
ready to order, at 12:00 noon. Get there a few
minutes early and start hitting "refresh".

Because their server's going to get slammed hard,
and you want to slide your order through quick in
case the server crashes.

Believe me--these coaching slots will get snatched
up in minutes (if not seconds). And you don't want
to be left out in the cold, watching everyone else
make piles of money while you're still struggling
to build your business...

Do you?

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