Memphis Cash Flow Real Estate | Dallas Buying Event

Posted by Chris Clothier on Tue, Nov 23, 2010


You may not be aware of this, but the Clothier family,
at least the three sons, are all Texans...and proud of it!
So when it comes to meeting real estate investors and sharing

our story of buying discount investment properties for monthly cash flow in Memphis, we really like to hit the road and"show off" a bit.  We are very proud of our excellent staff and never miss a chance to showcase them and how hard they work to make investors comfortable, secure and most important profitable!

We were thrilled this past weekend to host 60+ investors
in Dallas as we took our Cash Flow Property buying
tour on the road again for a stop in Texas.  Those investors
were ready to take some serious action with 8 of them
buying 14 properties in only 6 hours!  Check out the video
I made from the pictures of the event...

Now, I have to say, we have been to New York City and Dallas 
the last two months and those events have been pretty inspiring!

They have set the bar pretty high for future cities like...

San Diego, CA. on December 4th!!!!

If you have not already registered, grab your seat today! 

Memphis Invest cash flow real estate
We already have over 80 Investors registered and there are only
so many seats in a room.....

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