What Impact Can Real Estate Investors Really Have?

Posted by Chris Clothier on Sun, Sep 30, 2012

Is Increasing Real Estate Investing An Answer

One of the big debates heading into the Presidential Election surrounds the question of how to get the real estate market moving forward again.  The answer probably lies somewhere in the mix of several things, but part of the solution absolutely should involve real estate investing.  Memphis Invest and BiggerPocket.com sought to create a report that could guage and measure not only the impact, but the future plans of real estate investors.  When we released our report two weeks ago it grabbed national headlines.  Today, we release our infographic which shows the exact impact that real estate investors can have on the national market - only in a picture form for those who like illustrations better than long reports.  Now, we can only hope our elected officials pay attention and put us to work!

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The $9.2 Billion Impact of 28.1 Million Real Estate Investors
Infographic Courtesy of: BiggerPockets.com AND Memphis Invest

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