Experience Matters Podcast My Entrepreneurial Journey Episode 4

Posted by Chris Clothier on Mon, Apr 24, 2017


Experience Matters Podcast w/Kent Clothier, Sr. & Kevin Hommel 


Kent Sr. launches the first podcast for Memphis Invest and is joined by co-host Kevin Hommel.  Kent Sr. plans to cover all kinds of topics from real estate investing in general, to specifics about Memphis Invest, his years as an entrepreneur and maybe even a few more topics.  50 years in business and 35 as an entrepreneur give Kent, Sr. a little leg-up as a podcaster!  He will have plenty to share...

This Week's Show Notes:

  • In 1986 relocated to Germantown, TN - 1:45
  • Started a wholesaling and diverting business in Memphis - 3:00
  • The startup company averaged around 11 milion in revenue - 4:30
  • Kevin Hommel jumps in asks about risk - 5:08
  • By 1991 the company grew to a 30 million a year - 7:05
  • In 1996 sold the company - 8:30
  • Started getting into real estate business  -11:00
  • How Kent Sr. got started in buying and selling real estate - 14:08
  • Started down the path of building facilities and team - 17:30

After relocating to Memphis in the mid 80's Kent Sr, quickly started his next buisiness in the wholesaling and diverting field. That company quickly grew into a $30 million a year in revenue. By the mid 90's they had over 10 employees and averaged $60 million a year before selling the compnay in 1996.

After selling the company in 1996 Kent Sr, realized he didnt want to retire just yet. After starting a few small businesses here and there he finally found something he was extremely passionate about...real esate. At first, this was a personal passion that quickly grew into a business idea. 

The idea quickly became reality and the rest is history!


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