NEW VIDEO: Irrational Real Estate Investing Decisions!

Posted by Chris Clothier on Thu, Oct 30, 2014

How To Avoid Making Irrational Real Estate Investing Decisions

I recently recorded a video listing our some Oktoberfest_2012_24common behaviors that real estate investors will exhibit.  The funny thing about the behaviors is that they were all characteristic of mistakes I have made and we all have these irrational behaviors to some degree!

Now, before you get mad at me, understand that when I say you and I act irrationally, I am not trying to offend anyone.  I am trying to help us all understand the little actions we take almost subconsciously that can lead us to trouble.

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Take a look at the video here and let me know what you think.  It is a short 12-minute video that focuses on 5 very common irrational behaviors that effect us as real estate investors.  Be aware of these and you will instantly be a better investor.

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