Video: Real Estate Investing In A Self-Directed IRA With Greg Herlean

Posted by Chris Clothier on Fri, Oct 17, 2014

Self Directed IRA Interview With Greg Herlean:  

Greg Herlean is an expert on how American's can take control of theirGreg_Herlean financial future.  He is also an experienced real estate investor and got his start in real estate investing by using his Self-Directed IRA.  His Self-Directed IRA provided him with control over the decisions he wanted to make in his IRA account.  

On a broader scale, a Self Directed IRA will allow you to diversify your portfolio, receive tax benefits, and increase your savings.  As the founder of Horizon Trust, Greg has an inside perspective on the strategies that self directed account holders are using successfully.  

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Greg and I were talking on the phone and we decided on short notice to turn on the camera and record a quick interview.  Spend the next 15 minutes listening to Greg and you will have a great understanding of self directed IRA's and how you can use one to your advantage.  Plus, you will learn that Greg and his company can be a great resource for you as you build your real estate portfolio.

Don't forget to download your e-books and reach out to Greg after the video to learn more about his company!   


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