How Turnkey Investors Benefit from the 1031 Exchange

Posted by Chris Clothier on Fri, Apr 26, 2019

Investing in real estate can come with a steep learning curve. With all of the nuance, strategy, and law involved, it can be tricky to know what you should prioritize. One of the best tactics to familiarize yourself with early on is the 1031 Exchange—the biggest tax benefit you can take advantage of in real estate investment.

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The Real Estate Investor's No-Nonsense Guide to the 1031 Exchange

Posted by Chris Clothier on Fri, Oct 19, 2018

Wherever real estate investment and taxes are concerned, people tend to get a little nervous. After all, taxes and all the legal trappings that come with exchanges, exemptions, exceptions, write-offs, benefits, and penalties get tricky if you’re unfamiliar with it all. And if we’re honest, it’s not in most of our proverbial wheelhouses.

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Turning Out-Dated Home into Renter Oasis - Little Rock Market Turnkey Transformation

Posted by Chris Clothier on Tue, Sep 4, 2018

Our 'Turnkey Transformation' for this week is a property that is located in Little Rock, AR. It's been about a year since we started in the Little Rock market, and it was a smooth transition for us with the city being so similar to Memphis. With a steady market, affordable prices and high demand for housing, Little Rock is a great, stable investment for many turnkey investors. Memphis shares a lot of the same qualities, which is why both cities are a perfect fit for a real estate portfolio!

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1031 Exchanges - A Growing Niche in Savvy Real Estate Investing

Posted by Chris Clothier on Tue, Sep 1, 2009

I have to admit, it was a new term to me when I first heard it!

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