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How Much Does the Real Estate Cycle Really Affect Investors?

By Chris Clothier on Wed, Oct 31, 2018

While there are many factors to pay attention to as an investor of any kind, one of the biggest indicators that people seem to look to, no matter what is the market cycle. For real estate investors, the real estate cycle can be valuable to understand, but it can create a lot of stress and anxiety if relied on too heavily for decision-making.

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Is the Real Estate Market Still in Danger?

By Chris Clothier on Fri, Oct 10, 2014

It seems like there are as many predictions about the recovery of the real estate market as there are stars in the sky. A quick Google search will lead you to opinion after opinion, tackling the issue from all angles. In fact, you’ll find glowingly optimistic predictions in one article and doom saying in another. For real estate investors, how do know who to trust when the same data is being interpreted in vastly different ways?

What if you choose to put your future in an opinion that turns out to be wrong? There’s a lot of risk there.

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The Effect of the Housing Market on Investment Real Estate

By Chris Clothier on Sun, Dec 9, 2012

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