Memphis Real Estate | 1st Quarter Results From Memphis Invest

Posted by Chris Clothier on Mon, Apr 22, 2013

Positive Trends For Investment Real Estate Continue

Memphis Invest, GP and related company Premier Property Management Group released 2013 First Quarter Results on Sunday April 21st and a positive trend for the real estate investment company and their clients continues.  Demand for investment property and opportunity continue to remain strong in both Memphis and Dallas and portfolio performance as well as client satisfaction remain high.  Sales at Memphis Invest, GP grew year over year 110% and tracked even compared to the 4th quarter of 2012.  As demand from existing clients continues to pick up, we expect to see growth throughout the year.

"This has been a very strong quarter for each of our companies from buying and selling to renovating and managing both in Memphis and Dallas and we are on pace for another year of strong growth in 2013", according to Kent Clothier, Sr.

Memphis Invest, GP, which reports the numbers for each of the companies, has seen investment property sales in Memphis and Dallas grow steadily each quarter going back to 2011.  Two factors that lead to the steady growth are numbers of clients served and their continued participation in the market.  Premier Property Management is managing portfolios for 692 investors as of April 1.  Those investors were very active in the market during the 1st quarter as 64% of closed sales transactions went to existing clients.  Those two number show that investors continue to have a high level of satisfaction with their existing portfolios and the performance not only of the properties, but also of the management of the portfolio.

"This is a great guage for the success of our property management company and my team.  We are trying to perform at a very high level both in terms of the way the properties perform for clients and in the way we provide customer service and if those two factors remain high, then our clients will continue to trust our company and build their portfolios" says Nate Gray, Director of Premier Property Management.

No Changes In Memphis Investment Plans

Memphis Invest, GP sees no changes in the current plan for acquiring, renovating, renting, selling and managing property in the Memphis or in the Dallas markets.  Each market has unique characteristics, but both remain solid investment markets with opportunities for investors to purchase investment properties.  Rents continue to strengthen in many of the neighborhoods and sub-markets of the cities where we are buying and those areas will remain as our focal points.  We do continue to explore other cities and have two cities on a short list for future expansion in late 2013 early 2014.  Be on the lookout for those announcements!

1st Quarter Numbers

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Premier Property Management Memphis | February Rental Numbers

Posted by Chris Clothier on Fri, Mar 8, 2013

Premier Property Management Memphis 

So far we are about 65 days into the new year and already business in Memphis is at a record pace!  Both Memphis Invest, GP and Premier Property Management are experiencing tremendous up ticks in business.  Much of that is attributed to existing clients continuing to build their portfolios, but this blog is not about Memphis Invest.  Today, I am writing to absolutely brag on the outstanding team over at Premier Property Management of Memphis.  They are doing a phenomenal job and February was the SINGLE BEST month in the history of the management company!  Not only did the management company close more than 100 rental contracts, but they also reduced outstanding vacancies below 5%.  

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Investing In Memphis Real Estate - The City & The Comeback!

Posted by Chris Clothier on Sat, Oct 13, 2012

The most common question I get from interested real estate investors is "Why is Memphis a place I want to invest for the long-term?".  This week, Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton, Jr. made the answer easy for our company...and every other Memphis company spreading the word about our great city. 

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Invest in Discount Properties This Summer

Posted by Chris Clothier on Fri, Aug 3, 2012

When is the right time to purchase discount properties to flip or rent? It can be tricky to trace the exact status of the housing market, because, as with many economic indicators, the numbers are often delayed for a month or two in order to gain accurate calculations.

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Real Estate: Memphis Economy Feeling The Impact of Electrolux

Posted by Chris Clothier on Wed, Jul 18, 2012

Local firms have felt the initial impact of Electrolux moving to Memphis to the tune of $64 Million in contracts

When Memphis Invest, GP travels to different parts of the country meeting with investors, one of the first suggestions we make is to forget about the houses for the time being and concentrate on the market.  More to the point, concentrate on the economics of the market and the fundamentals of that economy.  Memphis and even Dallas, which is our newest market (more on that later) both have strong economic prospects.  Once an investor has identified that the market they are studying, then the team and investment property decisions can be made.

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The Pros and Cons of Real Estate Investment Properties

Posted by Chris Clothier on Tue, Apr 3, 2012
No matter how deep (or shallow) your pockets may be, the time is always right for investing your money wisely. That is why many people choose to invest in real estate through companies like Memphis Invest. Real estate is a wise investment, because despite fluctuations in the economy, people will always need a place to live, and businesses will always need a place to operate. That doesn't mean it is a foolproof investment - no investment is. But if you consider the pros and cons of becoming a real estate investor, you may find that it is the right investment for you.

Why Purchase Real Estate Investment Properties?

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Memphis Investment Real Estate | Memphis Jobs Update

Posted by Chris Clothier on Mon, Mar 5, 2012

Memphis Firms Continue Expansion Plans

Several Memphis companies are continuing with plans to expand operations, invest in new equipment and infrastructure and hire new employees.  While there is still some economic uncertainty, there also seems to be an air of optimism surrounding plans by companies headquarterd and operating in Memphis for an economic turn-around.  That turn-around is fueling plans for increased warehousing and distribution needs.  We are often asked about the real estate landscape in Memphis and investing in Memphis property has as much to do with the economic outlook as it does the house itself when it comes to long-term success.  Investors should be looking for areas of the country that are stable and reliable when it comes to the greater economy as that will be a sure driver for real estate demand.

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Memphis Real Estate | Good News Keeps Coming

Posted by Chris Clothier on Mon, Jan 16, 2012
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Planning for Real Estate Investment Success in 2012 Starts Now!

Posted by Chris Clothier on Thu, Dec 22, 2011

Planning for Success Takes Preparation and Time

Real Estate investors should treat their investment properties just like a business and with every business there needs to be time set aside for planning.  The entire staff of came together last week to present our plans for 2012 and the owners presented our plan to the staff of new programs, new cities, new hires, new promotions and the exact steps we were going to implement to grow over 60% for the second year in a row!  Spending five days together was fantastic for the entire team even though it really shook up our normal routines.  Planning for success and sharing as well as involving the entire team was by far the best thing we could have done to start 2012 with a bang!

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Real Estate Investing | Hot Deal of the Week? I Don't Think So...

Posted by Chris Clothier on Wed, Nov 30, 2011

We get asked all the time why we don't send out emails to our entire list of the latest and greatest deals that we have available.  That is, after all, the traditional way wholesalers sell their properties.  They spend a lot of time getting as many emails as possible, throw those email addresses into an email tracking system and start pounding that list with everything you get under contract.  When I get asked why we don't send out houses by email I give two easy answers:

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