Memphis Invest Increases Home Buying Events

Posted by Chris Clothier on Mon, Sep 27, 2010

Memphis Invest Increases Home Buying Events

Monday, September 27, 2010, Vol. 125, No. 187
SARAH BAKER | The Daily News

With the recent completion of Memphis Invest LLC’s office space expansion for its sister company, Premier Property Management Group, and new implementation of traditional rehab services for those wanting to remodel their home, the family-owned company continues to do the majority of its business with out-of-town investors.

A 1,200-square-foot development on the west side of Premier’s existing building was completed earlier this year by the Memphis Invest rehab services. The expansion offers offices for the staff of five full-time and 14 part-time employees.

The addition is also equipped with closing office and tenant waiting room where tenants can come inside and wait for an appointment, make a rental payment, receive a receipt or wait for their closing.

Chris Clothier, director of sales and marketing, said Memphis Invest built a separate entrance just for Premier’s tenants.

“It definitely makes it a more formal process, which benefits everyone – not only the tenants but also the owners whose properties we’re managing because it really makes it a more professional approach to managing the properties,” he said.

Memphis Invest now also provides rehab services, refurbishing full renovations on more than 200 properties a year for investors around the world. A supplementary service company, Memphis Invest Renovation Services, renovates investment properties and performs rehab work for homeowners looking to upgrade their houses.

The majority of Memphis Invest’s clients – 75 percent – are located outside of the Memphis market. And it’s all due to exposure and the lure of Memphis investment properties, Clothier said.

“Local investors are just a little more timid about buying here in town because of their preconceived ideas about what Memphis is like,” he said.

Memphians are “insulated,” and often overlook the treasures right in front of them, Clothier said. And investors inhabiting other cities with a higher cost of living cannot buy properties there for $20 to $40 per square foot.

In fact, investors came this past weekend to learn about the Memphis market and the Memphis Invest process and, of course, to buy property.

Memphis Invest hosts these buying parties once a quarter, bringing in anywhere from 40 to 60 investors at a time, with 30 to 40 serious buyers, and the rest wanting to learn more about the market or Memphis Invest.

“We go to Graceland, and depending on the time of year, we’ll go to a Redbirds or Grizzlies game – just little things so they can see that Memphis is more than just the bad crime list that you hear about each year,” Clotheir said. “There’s a lot more to the city than just that, and that’s really what these weekends highlight.”

But since the demand is so high, Memphis Invest is changing the event to the second weekend of every month, limiting the attendance to 25 investors who are qualified and ready to invest in the Memphis real estate market.

And now with its new 400-square-foot multimedia room at its 130 Timber Creek headquarters, Memphis Invest will begin these smaller tours the weekend of Nov. 6.

Just one weekend is all it usually takes for many investors to get hooked. They not only return to purchase more, but they also bring colleagues, friends and family to invest as well.

Brack Shaver of Fort Worth, Texas, attended the weekend event in April and returned this weekend, bringing his son with him.

Shaver, a registered investment adviser, said Memphis Invest spares him the one thing that matter the most – time.

“As an investor, you are always looking for a situation that lends itself to you that is turnkey,” Shaver said. “This way, I get a good property, it’s already been rehabbed – in my case, it’s already been rented – and I get a check every month.”

Brian Rowan, on the other hand, is one of the select few investors from Memphis. He has bought 15 properties from Memphis Invest and hopes to acquire five more within the next two and a half years.

“I want to get in, get out and have my properties paid for before the market changes,” Rowan said.

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Kent Clothier & Family are hosting a one time only 3-Day Bootcamp for Building an INCREDIBLE Real Estate Business...
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Build a Wholesale Real Estate Business

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Follow Successful Real Estate Investors to find SUCCESS of your own!

Posted by Chris Clothier on Fri, Apr 2, 2010
What's on your bookshelf?

You have to expand your reading list if you want to expand your success!
Having been an entrepreneurfor so many years has given me many more benefits than I first imagined.  A lot of my personal growth as a business owner and leader has come from my experiences through the years and the people I have met.  I learned early on in my working life that modeling my actions after highly successful people was a great way to develop my leadership skills.

But, I also owe much of my success and growth to the personal commitment to always be seeking new ways of doing and thinking.  The best resource I have found for doing this is reading.  I devour as many books and articles on every subject that relates to success and strategy that I can get and I pay close attention to what others who are having success are reading.  For me, it's the same technique of modeling that I used early in my career, only in this case, I model what others are using to grow and develop my own growth and development.

I had the pleasure of meeting several highly successful people over the past few months as I have traveled the country speaking about investing in real estate.  From California to Massachusetts to Florida, I have had the opportunity to speak to huge crowds and sit in Mastermind meetings with some of the brightest minds in creative real estate investing.  Many of those who I have had the pleasure of meeting are having tremendous success in investment real estate.  During the course of our meetings and talks, my eyes were opened to some fantastic, inspirational business books like "Crush it" by Vaynerchuk, "TheAlchemist" by Coehlo, "The Go-Giver" by Burg & Mann just to name a few.  I have already purchased and begun reading each along with several other titles.  They are fantastic!

I came back to Tennessee and decided to share the list of books that are in my library, including my new additions, and challenge each reader to expand their outlook and achieve great success!  I am a firm believer in sharing not only my time, but more importantly my experience and knowledge and this list of books has helped to propel my business to new heights.

I created a list of the BEST business books I have ever read as well as the most inspirational "make-it-happen" books that make up my business library.....and I want to share that list with you!  If you are interested in the full list of titles that are must-have additions to your business library, email me at and I will forward you a complete list!

Best Regards,


Access Your FREE eBook NOW!

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WEBINAR: Kent Clothier of Memphis Invest hosts a call for Investors!

Posted by Chris Clothier on Tue, Feb 23, 2010
Learn from the Pros! Kent Clothier on Building your business and achieving your best!

Sunday March 7th
8:00 PM CST
Live & Content Only!!

Kent Clothier has been in the business of "succeeding" for over 40 years and is showing
no signs of stopping anytime soon.  Now you have a chance to hear from Kent Clothier in
a one hour, Content Only Webinar, from an intimate setting where he will discuss:

- Stretching your business muscle
- Succeeding when others fail
- Developing a winning attitude
- Developing an "All-In" attitude

Kent has been an entrepreneur for the past 30 years and has been instrumental in developing
one of the most successful family owned real estate investing firms in the country.  Kent and
his sons operate which assists hundreds of real estate investors each
year with developing highly profitable portfolios of discount real estate investment properties
in Memphis, TN.

They also operate a large property management company in Memphis, TN. named Premier
Property Management.  Today, they manage over 500 properties for real estate investors
and offer a complete turn-key package for passive investors.

Join Kent on Sunday evening as he spends an hour discussing his past, his present and what
he sees for the future!  There will be great insights and inspirational keys on this call for anyone
who wants to succeed in business and investing.

See you on the call!

Sunday March 7th
8:00 PM CST
Live & Content Only!!

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Learn to invest in Memphis real estate with the experts

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Kent Clothier and JD Esajian of A&E's "Flip This House" and Fortune Builders, talk with the hosts of News Channel 3's "Live @9" in Memphis, TN. about the great opportunities that Memphis investment properties offer investors looking to invest in Memphis real estate.

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Want to Invest in Real Estate? Read these books...

Posted by Chris Clothier on Mon, Feb 8, 2010

Educate yourself as an investor with these Real Estate Investing, Business and Life in general books! (edit/delete)

I've been asked repeatedly over the last few weeks by investors to put together a list of books that I have read or could recommend to other real estate investors who are looking to get started.  Most of the clients or prospective clients that I talk to are familiar with my rise as a real estate investor and the fact that my family today operates one of the largest real estate wholesaling companies,, in the country.  They know that we own and that we operate the largest non-profit real estate investors association, Mid-South REIA, in the Mid-South. 

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Kent Clothier - 2010 Memphis Investment real estate newsletter

Posted by Chris Clothier on Mon, Jan 4, 2010 Monthly Newsletter
Issue: # 13 January 2010
Welcome to 2010!
Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to assist you with your real estate investing.  Whether you have taken advantage of the services our family owned business provides or are waiting for the right time to invest, your interest in our company and the opportunity to do business together is very important to us.

In this issue I will share with you my thoughts on the year 2009 as well as insight into how fantastic 2010 will be! is adding some additional events as well as weekly events which maximize your opportunity as an investor to get information about our great city and all the value added benefits of doing business with

I want to wish all of you a prosperous 2010 and I look forward to continuing our relationship with you as a top provider of turn-key investment real estate properties in Memphis!

Kent Clothier, Sr.

Value of investing in Memphis real estate on the rise!
Reasons to get started investing TODAY continue to mount.
If you haven't figured out why you are investing in Memphis real estate then maybe some of these stats will help you out.

- Memphis is 21% undervalue entering 2010.
- Analysts believe job market will stabilize with unemployment around 6%-8% for Memphis.
- The over-all consensus is that Memphis will continue to see opportunity for investors as home prices remain below value.  A second wave of foreclosures will keep the supply side high and pricing for investors well below value in 2010.
- Mortgage rates are expected to climb to an average of 5.86% by year end which remains HISTORICALLY low even after the climb!
- With the job market predicted to see growth in the supply, defense, medical, staffing and distribution fields, demand for Memphis rental housing should continue to be strong. is owned by investors who are constantly keeping our eyes on the local economy and specifically the housing and rental markets.  We feel that 2010 will continue the recent trend of years with outstanding opportunity to take advantage of low entry pricing with high rates of return on investment.

Welcome to our new investors! welcomes 11 new investors in December.
We get a lot of pleasure and real satisfaction out of being able to assist real estate investors from around the country and the world.  They look to us because of our deep involvement in the local real estate community, our commitment to customer service and our knowledge of the local trends.  One of the ways
that we measure our success is by our growth in new investors each month and December was no exception.  We want to thank our 11 first time investors who chose to purchase investment properties in Memphis and to use the turn-key program that provides!

Thanks again and we look forward to building strong relationships with each of you!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this email.  It is always a pleasure getting the opportunity to communicate with you.  If I can assist you with anything please feel free to contact me at!

Kent Clothier

In This Issue
Invest in Memphis for Value
New Investors
Commercial Appeal
Quick Links

Home price stability seen for Memphis!
Memphis will be among the best areas in the nation this year for stable home prices, according to

The article, based on data from Moody's, projects that home prices in Memphis will rise .99 percent in 2010.

That would be second only to Tacoma, Wash., (2.44 percent) and ahead of Pittsburgh (.89 percent), Charleston, S.C. (.18 percent) and Seattle (a decline of .5 percent).

Much of the credit for the healthy Memphis forecast goes to the city's major employer, FedEx, the article states.

The transportation industry is among the first sectors to rebound as the economy regains strength, the article states.

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Invest in Memphis Real Estate with Good People - Not Gimmicks!

Posted by Chris Clothier on Tue, Oct 6, 2009

If you've ever listened to one of my webinars introducing Memphis Invest, you've me heard me say time and time again that this is absoutely a people business and has very little to do with the product.  That's speaking strictly from the providers point of view of course.  But what about from the investor's point of view.

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