Using 6 Poignant Quotes About Failure as a Guide to Success

Posted by Chris Clothier on Wed, Jul 26, 2017

In the real estate investment world, risk is always a part of the equation. When starting out, there are no doubt some big questions in mind: What if I fail? What if I can’t do this? What happens next if this doesn't work? Am I paying too much? Am I charging too little? Did I hire the right contractor? Did I hire the right Turnkey company? Is my property manager going to take care of my property?

Just as we can grow to worry about any venture in life—a career change, a new relationship, moving to a new city—our investments can be a source of anxiety. But we’re here to tell you something: failure is no reason to fear. In fact, risk and failure are essential on the road to becoming the very best you can be in real estate investment.  

The beauty of working with a Turnkey real estate investing company is that, hopefully, you've chosen a company with a little grey hair at the helm.  A company that has been through the fire a time or two and has had setbacks and failures to lean on.  Those setbacks are exactly the types of things you want your team to have experienced so they can help minimize your own.

Still, failure and fear of it are not unhealthy.  They can be excellent teachers and motivators for real estate investors.  Does that mean lose-everything-you’ve-worked-for failure? No! 

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