5 Crucial Questions to Getting Real Estate Marketing Right

Posted by Chris Clothier on Wed, Mar 22, 2017

Too many real estate investors neglect the value in a solid real estate marketing strategy.

Do you know what you’re marketing? Who you’re marketing to? These crucial question will you guide you down the right path so that your efforts reap the right rewards.

5 Guiding Questions for Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts

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3 Keys to Effective Online Marketing in Real Estate Investment

Posted by Chris Clothier on Sun, Aug 23, 2015


Learn more about investing in Turnkey real estate with Memphis Invest.


How are people finding your real estate investment business? This is an important question to ask yourself not only in the beginning of your journey as a real estate investor, but throughout the entire process. Periodically, you need to look at and re-evaluate your real estate marketing strategies.

At Memphis Invest, we are constantly evaluating our strategy and reviewing how vistors are finding our website.  From there, we want to look at which visitors actually follow-through with one-to-one phone strategy sessions with a portfolio adviser and which ones become clients.  Not all marketing strategies create equal opportunities and some work better than others.

Many real estate investors still fall back on traditional methods: cold calls, newspaper ads and the like. Print advertising and other offline ways of marketing yourself and your invest properties still work — there’s no question about that.

The question is whether or not this is the most efficient and effective way to market your business. Take the two-pronged approach — tackle both online and offline marketing!

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