Essentials Investors Need to Have to Qualify for a Loan

Posted by Chris Clothier on Fri, May 24, 2019

Even for a turnkey investor, the act of investing in real estate can be a process. For anyone looking to buy a property, lending is often involved. However, the act of acquiring a loan for an investment property versus acquiring a loan for a personal home can be a drastically different process.

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3 Things for Investors to Consider About Current Mortgage Rates

Posted by Chris Clothier on Tue, May 26, 2015

Some people like to consider what some of the worst-sounding words in the English language are. While many would say moist is the most cringe-worthy word in our language, we’ve got to say that mortgage is right up there with it. The sound of the word is one thing, but the connotations that comes with it are another.

No homeowner or investor likes the word mortgage. As burdensome as it can be, however, it’s not something that real estate investors should neglect. Paying attention to mortgage rates can offer prime opportunities for investors to make the most out of their properties — both with potential purchases and existing rental properties.

While financing for an investment property can be quite different for investors, the mortgage rates still matter. If not for investors personally, they do affect the state of the market around us, which can affect buying and renting trends.

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Reply To Our Recent Article on Real Estate Lending Trends

Posted by Chris Clothier on Wed, Sep 4, 2013

Two Sides To Every Story - Even In Real Estate Investing

This may be a first for us.  We are printing a response we received to an article we wrote on our blog.  Not to mention, we hardly ever print articles written by other people.  But this one is different.  This response was emailed to me from a very valued relationship we have in the lending community.  Kathleen Kramer, of RPM Mortgage, has been a trusted confidant for the past two years and has assisted with private money programs for our company. Kathleen also has reviewed and advised us on our procedures and processes and visited our offices here in Memphis.  We have tremendous confidence in her knowledge of the lending industry, so when she sends us an email response to our recent blog article...well, we listen!  

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