6 Habits that Convey Professional Confidence

Posted by Chris Clothier on Sun, Oct 4, 2015

We could all use a confidence booster. When dealing with clientele, colleagues, or superiors, pretty much everyone struggles from time to time with their confidence. While we hope that our words and intentions will win out in the end, presentation is important in the professional world. If we expect others to have confidence in us — our business, our ideas, our input — we need to display confidence in ourselves.

Even if you have that confidence, there are subtle elements to professional confidence that don’t have to do with your thoughts and feeling about what you’re saying. No, many important keys to boosting your confidence and professional self-improvement are in learning good habits and unlearning the bad ones.

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5 Keys to Improving Your Professional Communication Skills

Posted by Chris Clothier on Wed, Sep 30, 2015

There’s power in a good communicator. Everyone knows one — that person that everyone else just seems to gravitate towards. You enjoy being around them. They make you feel heard and valued while saying just the right things to the right people.  Real estate investing is no different.  

There are great communicators that seem to be able to articulate the perfect message and explain how to do certian things perfectly.  They hold an audience at every real estate investors meeting and always have stories of how they handled the angry tenant or reluctant seller.

Good communicators are crafted, not born (though some inherent traits certainly help). When it comes to the business world, sharpening your professional communication skills can be key in opening up opportunities and polishing your reputation.

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