3 Big Reasons a Housing Bust Isn't in the Cards

Posted by Chris Clothier on Wed, Feb 13, 2019

When the housing slowdown hit towards the end of the year, many began to worry about the prospect of another housing bust.

With the real estate market going so remarkably well over the past several years, particularly with so many “hot” markets growing in seemingly unstoppable ways, there began to worry that this growth was unsustainable. With a slowdown now in full force, some wondered...is this finally the tipping point?

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How Much Does the Real Estate Cycle Really Affect Investors?

Posted by Chris Clothier on Wed, Oct 31, 2018

While there are many factors to pay attention to as an investor of any kind, one of the biggest indicators that people seem to look to, no matter what is the market cycle. For real estate investors, the real estate cycle can be valuable to understand, but it can create a lot of stress and anxiety if relied on too heavily for decision-making.

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Real Estate Investing | Memphis Foreclosures and Home Values

Posted by Chris Clothier on Mon, Jan 17, 2011

Memphis real estate investors continue to get good news from independent analysts on the near future for Memphis investment properties.

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LIsten up Memphis real estate investors...

Posted by Chris Clothier on Fri, Oct 1, 2010

"Don't Throw out the Bicycle for the Bumps in the Road"!

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